A school in Southern California has opened a wellness center where it offers activities for its students to relieve the stress that plagues minors as well.

Glenoaks Primary School Wellness Center offers activities for children such as yoga and drawing. But they also have computers, books and interactive videos, said Mario Marroquin, a behavioral therapist at the school.

Marroquin points out that he has noticed that children feel a lot of frustration because they do not know how to channel their emotions during their school activities.

an elementary school in Los Angeles has decided to offer a very valuable tool to help its students: meditation.

“When a child is going through a crisis, we bring them here so they can deal with their emotions,” Marroquín said.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines stress as a state of worry or mental tension generated by a difficult situation. It is how we react to stress that affects our environment.

“If you feel bad and it doesn’t help you, therapists will be there to give you advice,” said Mía Vasquez, one of the students at Glenoaks Elementary School.

Health experts emphasize the importance of parents regularly talking to their children about their emotions. You can also offer them to express their feelings through a painting or drawing, which can be done in wellness centers.

“Here I say that we will be able to relax, as well as listen to music, read,” said Alison Vasquez, another student on campus. “(It) will help us when we are stressed.”

The WHO has also published a guide, titled “In Times of Stress, Do What Matters,” which teaches practical skills for coping with stress. To access this guide, Click here.

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