The covers of this Wednesday’s gossip magazines are loaded with the tastiest information. One of the most significant, particularly in the world of television, was that of Terelu Campos: are you excited again?

As has been advanced Weekthe presenter was caught accompanied by a mysterious boy with whom he released something more than complicity after enjoying a romantic dinner in a luxurious and exclusive restaurant in the capital. However, the night would not have been left alone and, in addition to leaving the establishment together by car, they went to the daughter of María Teresa Campos. There, according to magazinethey would have spent the night together.

But, Who is this? The heart world hasn’t slept a wink since the news broke and it made them give a name and surname in an instant to who their new illusion might be: Jose Luis Sanchezdirector of the Real Madrid social space and one of the right arms of the president of the white club, Florentino Pérez.

Terelu Campos, confirm or deny?

Terelu Campos, who has not been associated with any man for more than seven years, notably broke off her relationship in 2015 with businessman José Valenciano, she has always made it clear that she is totally closed to love and that he doesn’t plan to have a partner, but maybe now things have changed…

European press He wanted to ask you about this last known information in this regard and, in addition to being serious and elusive When he arrived at the beauty center, he avoided commenting on the latest known information about him. She did it with a black cap with which she tried to hide her face and thus go unnoticed, although she did not succeed very much.

Although the television collaborator tried to ignore the subject and turn a deaf ear, sources close to her did not hesitate to deny that the images which occupied all the headlines today are of her new love. In fact, they stressed that they are hurt because these photographs affect anonymous people who do not want to have any relationship with the world.

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