This was the accident that Gabriel Coronel suffered in ‘Look Who Dances All Stars’ not thought of, in the middle of a rehearsal, and after jumping over the dancer in what would be his debut on the Univision reality track.

This is the precise moment, where he falls from the jump over his dancer, and bending the foot that ends in a sprain with the commitment of several of the ligaments that they could leave it, even, out of the competition even without being able to debut.

He touched me for jumping on top of a dancer and I fell. My ankle was completely sprained, it was really extreme, I don’t think I’ve ever been in so much pain. and a fold like the one I experienced, I know it’s not going to be easy, it is a very complicated recovery“, Gabriel began by explaining Chiquinquirá Delgado and Mané de la Parra at the first gala.

I believe that I am here for the opportunity to be here because for us as artists bringing entertainment is the essence and the most beautiful magic that we can have“, and his voice was fading and sadness began to become noticeable.

Chiqui asked him about the injury, the consequences and his future in the competition:

There is a very strong sprain, ligaments were compromised, I will not be able to participate tonight and I would not have wanted it to be like this“, he explained, and with a broken voice and tears in his eyes he continued: “I promise you that I am putting all my effort into recovery and I hope that life rewards me with being on this track giving myself body and soul.

At that time, his companions, Michelle Gonzalez, Jorge Anzaldo, Ana Isabelle, Ferdinand Valencia, Brenda Kellerman and Miguel Martinez, they joined María León, who hugged him because it was her turn to compete with him, and everyone gave him encouragement and hugs.


Gabriel’s injury is very delicate, as he himself explained, as a result of the fall of all the weight of his body on a bent foot, he suffered several ligament tears that will require extreme care so he can fully recover.

Although he assured that he will do everything possible to be dancing at the second gala, we know that the level of demand of the competition is not easy being in its most optimal state, much less with an injury.

Also, Univision’s reality show has a medical staff not only for care, but also to decide what to do in this type of situation.

So that the network, together with Gabriel Coronel, the doctors who are treating him and Univision’s medical consultation team will take a decision, the safest, that the next gala be announced that he must leave the competition without having been able to debut on the track.

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