From catching ‘Lola Lolita smoking in a bar’ to ‘MasterChef’: Luca Dazi divides the program’s audience

From catching ‘Lola Lolita smoking in a bar’ to ‘MasterChef’: Luca Dazi divides the program’s audience

This Monday, March 27, the new season of Chef. A new edition that has arrived loaded with changes. For starters, for the first time in history, it will air twice a week: Mondays and Tuesdays.

In this way we have already been able to meet some of the candidates who want to get their white apron and be able to cook as official candidates for the eleventh season of the famous Shine Iberia format.

Among the contestants, he drew attention — especially to TikTok users—The name that caught the most attention was that of Luca Dazi. The reason? The 18-year-old from Barcelona has gone viral on several occasions thanks to some of his TikTok videos.

His most viral content? Arguably the famous audio of “Lola Lolita gets caught smoking in a bar”. A phrase that has spread like wildfire on TikTok and that the influencer herself has used for more than one video. Come on, his voice is one of the best known on Spanish social networks.

Its impact has been such that Luca describes himself on his TikTok profile with the following biography: “Yes, that’s me with the audio of Lola Lolita getting caught.”

Known for his life of excess

But Luca didn’t just become known for this audio. The tiktoker has also starred in other viral videos in which he shows certain aspects of his life. In fact, the video in which his mother appears giving him an iPhone 14 to get good grades quickly went viral. But he’s not the only one, he also has a rap with his cousin in which they describe themselves as the classiest cousins ​​in Spain.

Although his account is full of humor, it is unclear to what extent it is irony or reality. It is difficult for us to make the distinction.

Review in the program

During his first appearance on Masterchef, many followers of the show complained about the favorable treatment Luca received. And it is that, although Jordi Cruz harshly criticized his dish of cod confit with caramelized onions, he managed to pass the course. Assuring that for him it was a “no”.

What is striking is that in the end Luca did not show up for the qualifying round, like all his teammates who had received a “no” from the judges.

This fact caused social networks to question the role of the judges, ensuring that Luca was treated better than his peers due to the followers he had on social networks.

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