Frida Sofía has not felt supported in her career, so she told 'Who'

Frida Sofía has not felt supported in her career, so she told ‘Who’

Frida was even blunt in saying that she would not have any kind of musical collaboration with her mother; contrasting her recent statements regarding Enrique Guzmán, at that time, the young woman assured that she would do a fury with him.

“I would not do a duet with her, it would be a lot for the public. As a mother, I would not allow anyone to speak ill of my daughter or my family, period”.

“It would be incredible (to do a duet with Enrique Guzmán), I would do it 100%. He is the best, he is who he is, he does not mince words,” she said.

At that time Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter had the intention of releasing an album with songs in Spanish and English composed by herself.

“Yes, I feel full and happy to release my album. Before he did not trust me and believed the things that others said. Now I look at myself in the mirror and say hey what’s wrong with you, things are not like that, you will never be perfect, not everything will look good on you and less will everyone like you. Singing fascinates me, it’s what I want, I’m going to get this out because if I don’t, I’m going to regret it all my life; I’d rather fail than remain in doubt,” she said.

Let us remember that a few days ago the mother and daughter exchanged some impressions through networks, through statements that established their position on the issue of abuse that Frida denounced.

In this statement, Alejandra said she “put her hands in the fire” for her father, something that was not well received by Frida, who once reproached the little support she felt from her mother.

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