Hay many mobile games which the quality comes out of the ears, but not all of them are updated as frequently as Free Fire. This is actually one of the main reasons for the success of the game. Who doesn’t want a title that receives new content almost daily to always have a game to come back to? Also; The information I want to share in this article is about the latter.

The fact is that those responsible for Free fire They have already shared on the game’s Twitter account what their new weekly schedule is. Or in other words, what content the game will receive in the next seven days (i.e. from today, May 3, until the 10th of the same month). Then I leave you with the complete list of news that has been announced so that you can have it as close as possible.

All Free Fire news from May 3 to 10

  • Wednesday May 3: magic roulette
  • Thursday May 4: incubator reduction
  • Friday May 5: EVO M1814 – Scorpion Destruction, Fangs Reload
  • Saturday May 6: fire time
  • Monday May 8: scorpion refill
  • Then I leave you with the image published by those responsible for Free fire through their social networks as an infographic so you can also have it on hand

Well, there you have all the news coming to battle royale throughout this week. What do you think of these new contents? I remind you that next week I will come back to talk to you about Free Fire and the weekly agenda will be unveiled next Wednesday. See you in seven days!

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