We had to wait almost four decades, but finally Frankie goes to Hollywood They will come back on stage. This was confirmed by the group on their networks, revealing that the original formation of the group formed by Holly Johnson, Brian Nash, Paul Rutherford, Mark O’Toole and Peter Gill They will meet next May for a unique concert.

The makers of genuine global successes such as Relax o The Power of Love they were one of the most popular synth pop bands of all time. His chart-topping triumph of the ’80s still resonates in the 21st century, and those nostalgic for his music have always dreamed of a comeback like this.

And the organization of the festival of Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool (UK) was the excuse for it to finally happen. Frankie Goes to Hollywood will be responsible for welcoming all Eurovision fans during the opening weekend of the event.

Another of the events that the British organization has prepared to celebrate music in style. Concerts, giant screens, conferences, events linked to Eurovision… Everything seems to be ready for May to become an unforgettable month for audiences all over Europe.

Frankie Goes to Hollywood will return to his hometown 36 years after his farewell. It was in 1987 that they decided to leave each other after very successful years: “We are very happy to announce our return. It will be a very special event”, declared the group.

It seems that all the personal and professional squabbles that led to the band’s disbandment are finally over. And while in 2003 the band members appeared on VH1’s Bands Reunited, they didn’t perform. A year later, they met but with a new singer, Ryan Molloy, and under the name of hollywood banned because they were in a legal battle over the name against Holly Johnson. At this time, it has not been confirmed whether the group will present a new song or perform their classic songs.

There 67th edition of Eurovision It will be held for the ninth time in the United Kingdom due to the impossibility of doing it in Ukraine (the winning country of the last contest). This unusual event had not occurred for 43 years. But the result is that Eurovision fever has broken out in the UK and all tickets have been sold out.

If you have already booked and paid for travel and hotel but are out of tickets, don’t worry as the festival and the city of Liverpool are planning to hold a Eurovision Fan Zone for up to 25,000 people. and each of the events on the big screen with associated cultural activities.

The final of the competition will take place on Saturday May 13, while the two semi-finals will take place respectively on the 9th and 11th of the same month. The setting chosen to host this major European song festival will be the M and S Bank Arena, also known as Liverpool Arena, which has a maximum capacity of 12,000 people, being the largest venue in the city.

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