Yesterday, the most nostalgic serial fans had an unmissable meeting with Fran Perea. The man from Málaga celebrated the first of his two sold-out concerts at the Mon hall in Madrid —the third of the One plus one is 20 tour—… and for nothing in the world was he a fan of The Serranos could lose it.

because last night it doesn’t matter if you watched the series during the first five years of its broadcast, if you’ve devoured all eight seasons with reruns or any online platform; if you were 25, 30 or 40… Last night, we all traveled in the artist’s time machine.

The person in charge of opening the show was Álex Bencomo, who put the audience in his pocket and entertained the first moments of an unforgettable evening that lay ahead. So that was it.

At 9:10 p.m., after listening to Spanish pop classics, such as Between two lands Heroes of Silence, Whoops ! and I appear by your side by Christina and Alex and Yeye girl by Concha Velasco—while the technicians were setting and adjusting the lights, a video narrated by Fran himself appeared, hosting one of his most special shows.

Fran Perea in the Mon room. / Jose Luis Hernando Gomez

Before going on stage, the clip ended with the last verses of Calderón de la Barca’s Segismundo monologue: “And dreams are dreams”. And the April 27 thing could have been a dream, but a very waking and living dream.

“Fran Perea the one who reads it” and we were all in one voice

The first song that rocked the room was, how could it be otherwise, life upside downyes followed by My heart. From the moment the chords began to sound, the audience was completely delivered. It was like karaoke in which the lyrics reflected on any screen were not needed; everyone knew the lyrics inside out.

“We’re going to have a little time together,” he exclaimed, to make way for two of the most exciting moments of the evening. One of them was made by his theme Anything. “We came to dream”, he said before presenting the song, “and for me it would have been a dream to sing this song with the person who gave it to me: Pau Donés”.

The second happened when they changed the drums for two drawers, creating a more intimate and acoustic environment, to sing. the anchovywhich he dedicated to his father (who died last January), the one who “always encouraged me to go out on earth to seek”.

Count on me and period followed one another as well as other compositions from his discography, such as Carnival, my seahorse there Down. All of them, always with a very present message: “Fran Perea whoever reads it”. A message that last night put aside the most comical meaning of the meme to become a kind of spell. And it is that we all become Fran Perea and his gang. We were all, in essence, one voice and one great speaker.

One plus one is greater than 7, 20 and 30…

After What’s it gonna beone of the guest artists of the concert took the stage. Ana Guerra has come full circle again —after opening the first door of the Perea and Víctor Elías project— to sing live I will think of you the first song that the Canarian learned on the guitar, from the hand of the artist with whom she renewed her old ‘fan photo’ as a child for this also renewed collaboration.

The home stretch of the concert came with we have to dance itthe unreleased song from the album One plus one is 20. Then they rang It comes to my account, no matter how much I fall there The girl in the next room.

After a short break, songs to save me It was performed solo by the Andalusian accompanied only by a guitar. However, the final climax was still missing. The apogee. Ecstasy… and the most awaited moment of all: One plus one is 7.

But before the official air of The Serranos Keep us in the past for a few more minutes, Fran turned to her interpretive vein to perform from start to finish Life is a Dream.

When the words “on a station platform” the madness doubled with the surprise appearance of Despistaos, leaving a new “family photo” whose members no longer matter if they are 7 or 20 years… not even 30 Because Los Serrano made his mark on all of us.

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