ChatGPT quickly became one of the most intriguing digital tools today. Its potential is almost endless and many people have already implemented it on a daily basis to facilitate certain tasks. Another of the most interesting functions of this artificial intelligence is the search for information, since everything can be asked of it. That’s why today I decided to find out what they are the best Spanish movies, according to ChatGPT.

The 10 best Spanish films according to Chat GPT

  • To discover the answer to this question, the first thing we need to do is access the ChatGPT website.
  • Immediately after we connect and we will see that we can start a conversation with artificial intelligence.
  • Here we can write anything, an order or a question of any kind.
  • I decided to ask: “What are the 10 best Spanish films of all time?”.
  • Faced with this question, ChatGPT answered me the following:
The best Spanish movies, according to ChatGPT.

This answer is quite comprehensive and it should be noted that even the artificial intelligence brings the accuracy that it’s hard to choose the “best” movies. What is quite clear is that ChatGPT is a fan of Pedro Almodóvar, since it is the director who appears the most in the generated list. That being said, it should be noted that all but one of the most important messages are pretty well placed.

What is the quality of the films selected by ChatGPT?

The Spirit of the Hive – Víctor Erice (1973)

This film is one of the great classics of Spanish cinema, reaching paint a fantastic and dark portrait of childhood. Víctor Erice shows us a Spain of the 1940s, in the midst of the post-war period, and through different elements such as the adults and the staging, we notice these wounds left by the conflict. Unquestionably, this film, which talks about how cinema makes us grow and evolve, is one of the best that Spain has produced.

Thesis – Alejandro Amenabar (1996)

Amenábar began to revolutionize Spanish cinema with productions like Thesis, which explored a very difficult theme for the time. the hard band shows the world of cinema snuffthrough amazing characters. The individuals who play it are the best part of the film, showing their point of view and immersing the audience in the plot. Having said that, the staging and the plans used are great and demonstrate the talent of the young director.

Return – Pedro Almodovar (2006)

In short, Volver tells the story of a group of women who try to move forward by helping each other. Despite this, the film hides much more, with paranormal and dark touches that maintain the complicity and brotherhood between all the protagonists. if you are looking a slightly more upbeat and light-hearted production by AlmodóvarIt is a great option to enter your cinema.

All About My Mother – Pedro Almodóvar (1999)

Despite the vast catalog of films that Almodóvar made during his long and successful career, for me his best film is that. It was the first production of his that I saw and it remained etched in my memory. Everything About My Mother has all the characteristic elements of this director’s cinema and manages to weave an incredible story full of pain and bitterness. Without a doubt, it is one of the best works of Spanish cinema.

La Movida/Between Tinieblas – Pedro Almodovar (1983)

On this occasion, I think that good old ChatGPT is a bit confusing, since Almodóvar doesn’t have a movie titled like that. In fact, “La Movida” was a cultural movement born during the transition in Madrid It was a musical and artistic revolution. That said, there is indeed a film by Almodóvar from the year 83, entitled Entre Tinieblas. Assuming that the artificial intelligence refers to this band, I wouldn’t include it in this top, because it’s not one of the director’s best projects.

Viridiana – Luis Bunuel (1961)

Luís Buñuel was one of the first great Spanish directors, his work raised this art in our country and his films continue to be among the best. The gang explores very complicated themes, centered on the young nun Viridiana and her eventful life. The touch of black comedy with a dark and dangerous aura that floods every corner of the stages makes for an unforgettable experience. That being said, it was also the only Spanish film to have won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival.

The Holy Innocents – Mario Camus (1984)

This Camus tape has one of the best representations of Spain during the dictatorship. In addition, it shines with its great cast and its powerful characters, which push the plot and remain engraved in the memories. That said, the music is also a very remarkable element that provides the right amount of tension at many times. Without a doubt, it is one of the best Spanish films of all time that marked a before and after in the cinema of our country.

Pan’s Labyrinth – Guillermo del Toro (2006)

This tape was released the same year as Volver, by Pedro Almodóvar, like the other production, it was a great success for its director. Guillermo del Toro shines in this film with inventively designed monsters and a haunting spin on fantasy that shows. Moreover, this mixture between a fantastic world and the Spain of the dictatorship is something that should not work, but which generates an unforgettable combination.

The Hunt – Carlos Saura (1966)

This Saura band is a big and wild metaphor of the civil war, shot and filmed during the dictatorship. In addition, the production is very much inspired by the western genre, with a composition of planes never seen in our country. Moreover, the film has great performances from its protagonists, who manage to convey that growing tension until the plot explodes.

Placido – Luis Garcia Berlanga (1961)

This incendiary tape by Maestro Berlanga marked the beginning of his collaboration with screenwriter Rafael Azcona. Moreover, it is one of the works that dared to directly challenge the Franco regime while attacking the concept of Christian charity. And that’s the plot of the movie It is based on a campaign of the dictatorship called “Sit a poor man at his table”. In fact, it was going to be called the same, but it was censored because the mockery would have been too blatant.

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