I’ll tell you what you need to do to unlock all Find the Force event items

The new event titled Find the Strength in which Star Wars returns to Fortnite this year 2023 It is already available within the battle royale with a series of novelties that are not wasted and that it has already collected in this other post. However, this time I want to focus on how you can get the free rewards that Epic Games released in-game with the event. For this reason and without dwelling on the subject, I leave you everything you need to know below.

The New Clone Trooper Skin and Free Event Battle Pass

  • The event came out with a new Battle Pass that has a free path for anyone who plays Fortnite
  • This Battle Pass It will be available until May 23 at 3:00 p.m. (Spanish time)
  • We should do all the missions the Pass offers to gain galactic reputation and level up
  • The good thing is that the missions They are easy enough that you won’t have too much trouble getting through them.
  • In addition to all the Pass rewards, You can get the new Clone Trooper skin if you reach the final level of it

The Sith Infiltrator Glider

  • Battle Pass Missions They are divided into 3 sets of 12 challenges each
  • Complete a full batch we will have a sith holocron
  • With three sewing holocrons we can unlock the aforementioned hang glider (basically, you will have to complete all the missions of the Battle Pass)
  • The “Inner Strength” missions are already available.
  • “The Clone Wars Has Begun” Missions They will be available from May 7 at 15:00 CEST.
  • The “Fall of the Republic” missions They will be available from May 12 at 15:00 CEST.
Fortnite Ala's Delta

Packaging Pride of Coruscant

This package can be obtained from next May 4th and will be available until the end of the event on May 23rd. It can be obtained in two different ways (you only need to do one of the two)

  • “Live streaming and screen sharing” from Fortnite on Discord for 15 minutes or more to at least one Discord friend (in this link you can find out how it is done)
  • Complete the Discord Mission “Find the Force” Start by entering the specified channel on an official Fortnite Discord server
  • This is the link to the official discord in Spanish
  • In the channel, you will see a bot that you can interact with to join the Discord mission. When you interact with the bot, you will be taken to a page where you can link your Epic and Discord accounts. Once this step is completed, participate in the mission by completing a task within Discord and another within Fortnite. When you’ve completed both, the wrap will be added to your Fortnite locker!
fortnite packaging

Well, there you have all the free rewards that you can enter Fortnite until next May 23. What are your thoughts on the Star Wars event so far?

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