I barely had time to delve into the Resident Evil 4 remake, when Arkane has already released its new vampire hunting shooter. Redfall, as it calls itself, already has its first analyzes and, of course, I leave you here that of my partner Ramón, because it is interesting to say the least and personally, I would not hesitate to take a look at it. Now well, how did the game go? Well, let’s talk a bit about that.

Redfall is available on Xbox Series X | S and PC, offering a story developed in an open world. The main objective is to put an end to the great mass of vampires that are spreading through the game, all while you search for the best weapons in the game to finish off each one of them. The new IP looks very entertaining, but it seems that it was not well received by a number of players.

Redfall has been affected a lot, why?

  • Arkane Studios Intellectual Property has a lot of opinions, but many of them are negative by many players.
  • These negative reviews were found in the Steam token from the game itself and all agree on the same aspect.
  • The negative reviews They refer to the performance of the game on the PC platform, which seems to be leaving a lot to be desired.
  • According to many players, Redfall has Issues loading game textures and you experience FPS drops.

Do not panic

Arkane Studios is already aware of the performance bugs present in the game and already work to improve it in future updates. In addition to this, he also confirmed that They are preparing a 60 FPS mode since, currently, the game is rendered at only 30 FPS.

My take on the negative reviews

It’s more than understandable that players expect to enjoy a game as soon as it launches in the best conditions, but, as I always say, over days and at most weeks, the developers are constantly working to polish the game and leave it in the best possible condition.

If you don’t want to know current current failures, just long enough to wait a bit for those to be resolved.

red fall

And you, have you ever played Redfall? The truth is that I look forward to doing it as soon as possible.

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