The month of May begins and here I am again so that I can bring you a list in the form of a compilation of all promotions with free rewards who are currently active within Fortnite. A job that I exercise with empathy: it annoys me a lot when I miss a promotion, so I don’t want the same thing to happen to someone else. For this reason and without thinking too much about the matter, I leave you with all the free items you can get, yes, but not before remembering that I will update the information I leave below with any news that comes to light.

Get the Pico Dulcesito in the Isla Magistral event

  • This reward is available to those who registered before April 20th for the event
  • In this event, you had to vote for a series of levels that will be released in the creative mode of Fortnite
  • When levels are released (I will let you know by updating this article sharing the island codes when they become available) you’ll have to play them (will be released on May 6th)
  • Once you’ve done that, you have to vote for your favorite map (you will have until May 12)
  • When you have followed all these steps, you will have unlocked both cosmetic items
  • I leave you with a picture of them below so you can see them with your own eyes

Get two free cross graffiti with Attack on Titan in Fortnite

  • To get Mikasa, you will need to complete at least one Fortnite week 5 mission
  • It is a very simple task, since you can complete any of them while playing the game normally
  • To get Levi’s, you will need to take the next Easy Trigger test
  • As with the previous article, you won’t have to worry about this one: you can overcome any of the missions from said set of challenges by playing battle royale normally
  • Afterwards, I leave you with an image of both objects so you can see it with your own eyes

Well, there you have all the promotions that are currently active. I remind you that I will update this article with any others that come to light. so you can be aware of all of those that will be available in May 2023.

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