Considering everything that happens in Season 2 of Fortniteaccording to the leaks that have come to light recently on attack on titan, it makes sense that we’re looking for ways to increase the V-bucks we have in our wallets without the real thing looking too resentful. And, given the fact that, once again, we are facing a month in which there are no free paVos codes for now i feel compelled to share with you all and you a tip that can be useful in this direction.

In this same article I want to tell you how you can buy paVos cheaper for Fortnite if you play Battle Royale on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The thing is, with the trick I’m going to tell you about below, you’ll save a lot of money when you get it if you follow a series of specific steps. I leave you with everything you need to know about it below.

Get V-Bucks for less money in Fortnite in March 2023

  • Before I start, I should clarify that the safest option is to buy the V-Bucks from the game store itself. If you calculate well the packs you have to buy for each thing, you will not have much problem
  • However, some stores like Eneba are also one hundred percent safe. in which we can save a lot of money buying paVos for the game
  • The thing is, the actual V-Bucks packs are the same price in store as they are in the game itself. However, there is a little trick
  • PlayStation Store prepaid cards are cheaper than other stores
  • Therefore, we can buy these cards in Eneba to exchange them in the PS Store and thus transfer the money to our wallet
  • This way we will have a little more money in the wallet than we paid for and, therefore we can buy more paVos in the PlayStation Store
  • I remind you that these cards only work for the PS Store in Spain
  • It should also be noted that the V-Bucks will remain in your account and you can use them on any other platform you usually play Fortnite on

Well, that’s the information I wanted to share with you all. Hope you have been helpful!

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