Surveillance footage shows the moment several men entered the garage and stole two luxury cars, which then led to a dangerous pursuit.

There are at least 5 men who rushed into the garage of a house in Kendall, taking advantage of the gate being open, after a car wash company had just cleaned the vehicles.

The men fled with a black Rolls Royce Cullinan worth over $400,000 and a red Mercedes Benz G-Class, sparking a movie-themed police chase that ended with the arrest of the one of the suspects in northwest Fort Lauderdale, where he first left the car. .. in a parking lot and then fled.

Three highways witnessed the dangerous pursuit. The Mercedes Benz was seen speeding down I-75, I-595 and I-95.

After driving several miles, the suspect exited the freeway, turned onto a street in northwest Fort Lauderdale, left the car in a parking lot, and began running.

A few minutes later, he was captured by the authorities. The second stolen vehicle was also abandoned in front of a house.

The former Miami Dade Police Director, Juan Pérez, assures that in this type of persecution, the safest thing is that it is carried out by air and not by land, unless the person on the run has committed crimes. crimes such as: murder, rape, kidnapping, assault, armed robbery, carjacking, assault or was guilty of a shooting.

So far they have only arrested one suspect, a 17-year-old boy charged with robbery.

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