Orlando Florida. – The Florida Senate approved SB 1718 which seeks to prohibit counties and municipalities from providing funds to any person, entity or organization to provide an identification document to a person who does not have proof that they are found legally in the United States. The measure was approved by 27 votes in favor and 10 against.

In addition, the bill also invalidates in Florida any immigrant identification permits issued by other states.

It also requires certain hospitals to collect information on the immigration status of patients on admission or registration forms, requires the Economic Opportunity Department to enter a certain order and the reimbursement of certain economic development incentives if the department finds out or you receive notice that an employer has given employment to a person who knows they are an undocumented immigrant.

Similarly, $12,000,000,000 would be spent to take undocumented immigrants to other states.

If the measure passes the House and is signed by DeSantis, the law will go into effect on July 1 of the current year.

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