Florida Man discovers bag with 11 pounds of cocaine and turns it over to authorities

Florida Man discovers bag with 11 pounds of cocaine and turns it over to authorities

This weekend, Miami Border Patrol agents reported that in Daytona Beach, Florida, they recovered a package of cocaine whose street price is around $150,000.

The transcendent thing about the seizure is that it arose as a result of a telephone call from a citizen who for security reasons asked not to reveal his identity.

Apparently the man was taking a walk on the beach when he discovered a bulky black bag, which aroused his interest in opening it and it was then that he assumed that it was cocaine. So to avoid getting into trouble, he chose to mark the police to indicate that the drug was on the beach in Volusia County.

After checking the purity of the alkaloid, Walter Neil Slosar, Chief of the United States Border Patrol in Miami and responsible for managing 1,200 miles of coastal border, estimated that, even though it is a small amount compared to other drug seizures that have recently surfaced off Florida’s shores, its value among the dealers who distribute it on the streets is around $150,000.

Last week, Slosar himself reported another seizure of 65 pounds of drugs, which was made on the beach in Brevard County, south of Volusia.

According to data released by the United States Customs and Border Protection, between January and September, the Miami Sector has seized 566 pounds of cocaine.

In this sense, the largest seizure took place last August, when 264 pounds of cocaine were seized from organized crime, the most significant amount for a Sector in a single month since August 2019.

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