Orlando Florida. – There is a strong discussion in the Florida Senate for a bill so that more hospitals and fire stations have the possibility of installing boxes to receive newborns that their parents want to voluntarily deliver without having to give other explanations.

Opponents of this law say these boxes are too expensive, unnecessary and endanger the life of the baby. Proponents say that on the contrary, in other states where the boxes have been put in place, dozens of babies have been delivered without any problems.

The bill aims to make the boxes available to Florida hospitals and fire stations so that parents who don’t want their newborn can voluntarily deliver it and prevent the minor from ending up in the trash or abandoned. in the street.

Ashley Lopez, spokeswoman for the Ocala Fire Department, said the Ocala box is the only one currently in the state and there are other departments that want something similar. in December 2022.

In Ocala, there has been one of these clubs for about two years.

Across the country, there are 145 boxes thanks to laws passed in states like Kansas, Montana and Mississippi. According to the organization ‘Safe Heaven Baby Boxes’, 25 babies have been born since the installation of this system.

In Florida, the law is different because it says people must turn it in directly to a health or fire department.

The measure to install more baby boxes has already been unanimously approved in Congress, but it faces opposition in the Senate, one of the reasons being the costs

This bill is at the center of lawmakers’ attention, given that reforms to abortion laws are being discussed at the same time.

This week in the Senate, debate on the bill will continue and the measure is expected to be put to a vote very soon.

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