And although the storm has passed, calm has not yet arrived for hundreds of families who continue to face the height of the water.

This Saturday, several communities in Fort Lauderdale and Dania Beach continue with ankle-deep water.

Greg Chavarría, City Manager of Fort Lauderdale, says, “We currently have 36 trucks helping to lower the water level.

Ana García, director of the city of Dania Beach, assures that

“Until Dania Beach was the town it was before this storm.”

In the shelter set up by the Red Cross in Fort Lauderdale, 130 people remain.

The Red Cross says ‘we are still at 80% capacity so we have room for more and we also have 9 pets with us’.

Due to demand, two more shelters will be open early tomorrow.

Those who inside their homes had water above about 36 inches at the door lock are also eligible for assistance.

They can call Fort Lauderdale Customer Service: 954 828 8000

Authorities are warning that standing water on properties can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes and they are already preparing for another rain front.

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