It seemed like we had seen it before in First dates, but it was not. The most-watched dating show on TV, which just turned seven, once again surprised viewers with top-notch rudeness during one of the encounters. “He stole, he didn’t love me”exclaimed one of the guests when he saw his partner flee.

A total of seven couples sat down at the tables hoping to strike up a crush or, at least, have an interesting encounter. But, as is often the case on the show, that wasn’t the case for everyone. Hello and Francisco They were two of the lucky ones selected to go on a date this Wednesday and were a clear example of an awkward moment at the party.

After a decade of celibacy, Maite was looking to find love. And even if she did not expect to find a “Brad Pitt” at this dinner, as she herself pointed out to Carlos Sobera, He came in with hopes… which ended up on deaf ears.

“Open Your Mouth and Worse”

“Since we are close, if you want to meet one day or another…”, offered Francisco, his companion. However, she wasn’t convinced neither with the physique nor with the personality of men.

“He’s not my type of man, anyway. The guy with the painted hair, too, should be more natural,” she told the cameras. “Don’t even speak, open your mouth and worse”she concludes in spite of herself.

Although the farmer kept trying throughout the appointment, Maite was very clear that they would not leave First dates together and so he let her know: “Perhaps it is too early to tell, but what I have seen does not…”.

Thus, knowing that he was going to receive pumpkins, Francisco launched a proposal: “We can say one thing here and then that there is another also and both are fine. Do you understand me? Let us say yes, but then no…in front of people, they don’t say anything to you when they see you in the street“.

An offer that did not please Maite at all, very firm in her response: “I don’t need to look good in front of anybodyI have to look good with myself first.”

Maite scores a ‘See you later, Maricarmen’

After this meeting, the dinner continued, but for her it was no longer the same and her comment filled the glass, so she decided to cut her losses and leave the table: “I didn’t like the detail you said. Because if I like the quote, I say so. And if I don’t like it, I don’t like it…”

Already in front of the cameras, in solitude, the restaurant was just as adamant in its rejection of its partner: “No one is forcing me to say yes”.

This is how after this proposal to lie on the program, Maite ended her appointment with a simple farewell: “Come on, enchanted”. “I came with a lot of enthusiasm and at the entrance I was already very nervous and this man collapsed on me,” she explained.

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