Warner Bros.. He has just confirmed at CinemaCon that they are already working on Final Destination 6, the long-awaited return of the legendary horror saga that marked an entire generation. We are talking about a to come back in general, a return to the cinema that was made several decades ago and which terrified millions of viewers around the world.

The first details of Final Destination 6

Jon Wattswhich was already linked to the new project of Final destination announced in January 2022, will be the producer of final destination 6. The film will function as a sequel, and at the same time, as soft restartit is therefore a case similar to that of Scream (2022).

The names of its two administrators are also known: Zach Lipovsky there Adam B. Stein. Both will be responsible for directing final destination 6having in his filmography projects such as:

  • Zach Lipovsky worked on Leprechaun: the origin (2014), Dead Rising: Watchtower (2015) y Monsters (2018).
  • Adam B. Stein also made with Zach Lipovsky the film Freaks, being the most notable project of the two to date.

The Final Destination franchise, a success for New Line and Warner Bros.

It’s no wonder Warner Bros.. settle final destination 6 as the next horror project, especially after the successful return of Infernal Possession (with a fourth installment raising over $40 million worldwide) and the continuity of Shout with a seventh installment already underway.

Do you want to tempt fate again? Return final destination 6

Besides, Final Destination is a very successful franchise for New Linea production company that gave the green light to the previous five films and is now under the power of Warner Bros.. For example, Final Destination 5 grossed $157.9 million worldwide, a figure that few horror films reach at the moment. Do you want to be afraid?

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