The first trailer for the game will arrive in a few days, according to a well-known insider.

It seemed like something impossible, something many wanted to trust but suspected wouldn’t happen, yet it did. Fernando Alonso returned to the Formula 1 podiums in style and restored the enthusiasm for this motor sport to thousands of Spaniards (including myself). And what better than a video game to satisfy your desire to compete like the Nano? It’s time to pay attention F1 23.

As for other series like FIFA (now EA Sports FC) O Madden, EA is set to release another Formula 1 video game this year. Episode 2022 has been highly praised by users and now they are eagerly waiting for the next work from Codemasters. When will this happen? Well it seems like we already have information about it.

F1 23 announcement fast approaching

  • Car onlythe well-known insider who is always pushing forward the games coming to PS Plus every month, exclusively teased some details about the presentation and premiere of F1 23
  • apparently the game will be announced in less than a week (as of today) through a first trailer
  • Of course, the title will have standard and deluxe editions
  • And the most important fact is that its release date will be between June 13 and June 20so there would be two months left for their debut
  • We also already have a first image!which I leave below
  • Considering this leaker has never failed to push forward future announcements, hopefully next week we’ll hear from EA and Codemasters.

Will there be an EA Play this summer?

At the moment, no special EA events are planned for the coming months, but it cannot be ruled out that an event will be announced for July, like the one that was supposed to take place last year. If so, it’s likely that F1 23 will have a few minutes of prominence alongside other titles such as EA Sports FC 23, the upcoming Madden, Apex Legends, Immortals of Aveum, and more.

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