The countdown to the Teams of the Season event continues. And if a recent leak suggests that we will see ALL the cards in FUT ChampionsNow I want to talk about the possible calendar of this party in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Because it’s far from confirmed, but I think it’s quite likely.

Each season, EA Sports tends to repeat many dynamics with each celebration and innovate with others. In addition to the fact that we already know officially what it is the voting schedule. So looking at last year’s order and taking as a reference the dates of the votes themselves, I think we can create the possible schedule of the event.

Nevertheless, the following dates are unconfirmed but they seem very likely and I guess I’ll be right on most of them. Because? Well, because they usually don’t change the order and it wouldn’t be very logical if, for example, we voted for the LaLiga Santander TOTS first but before the Serie A one arrived. reasonable thing is that the voting order is the same as the appearance.

And yes I think it will be more difficult to reach all teams in the secondary league season, we might see more changes. Maybe EA Sports will even remove some of the competition and replace it with another. But anyway, I included them for reference. Although as I say, the odds of failure seem higher.

Possible TOTS schedule in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

  • Friday April 28: ALL from the Community and ALL from the Eredivisie.
  • Friday May 5: Premier League TOTS.
  • Sunday May 7: EFL TOTS (English second, third and fourth division).
  • friday may 12: ALL the Bundesliga.
  • Sunday May 14: MBS Pro League TOTS.
  • Friday May 19: ALL La Liga Santander
  • Sunday May 21: ALL the Liga Portugal.
  • Friday May 26: ALL of Ligue 1.
  • Saturday May 27: ALL Süper Lig.
  • Sunday May 28: Belgium Pro League TOTS.
  • Friday, June 2: ALL Serie A
  • Saturday June 3: Rest of the world TOTS.
  • Sunday, June 4: ALL MLSs.
  • Friday, June 9: TOTS Ultimate.
  • Sunday June 11: ALL CONMEBOL.
It has already been confirmed that we will know the Premier League TOTS on May 5th. And since it will be Friday, the logic is that it is available in FIFA 23 from that day.

Here you have the recent Fantasy FUT card follow-up. And if you want to know when we release content on FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, You can subscribe to the Telegram broadcast channel. Cheers!

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