MOB Entertainment is now also very focused on continuing to spread the lore of its Poppy Playtime universe, either through the multiplayer spin-off Project: Playtime or with a series of videos from its YouTube channel where, in a “fake documentary”, they tell facts about the history and origins of Poppy Playtime.

In the last video presented this weekend, we were able to learn how scientists from Poppy Playtime Corp. They managed to transfer the mind of a worker with cancer, Thomas Clark, and put him inside a factory toy and name him Experiment 1199. Something that didn’t go too well, as the rest of the beings who shared space with him (the monsters in the game, like mom long legs or Experiment 1170 – Huggy Wuggy).

Also, it seems that one of the creatures attacking Thomas’ new body (and also devouring his larynx and thyroid gland) is a yet unexpected monster. Find out below.

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