The TOTW 25 This isn’t just about FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. We are also counting Josha Vagnoman as a new free silver. It will be available until April 26. and it surprises with its characteristics, since it has quite good statistics despite the average of 74.

German Bundesliga. Positions: LD, CAD, LI and MD. He has two skill stars and four bad legs, high/medium work rate, Body type Tall and strong, he is 1’90 and right handed. I advise to use it with Shadow.

After applying Shadow as chemistry, Vagnoman IF will reach 98 acceleration and his sprint will be perfect. In addition to the fact that, naturally, he already has 92 in strength and 1’90 in height. Physically, he will be quite powerful, and therefore his defensive attributes will look better.

Steals (80), Intelligence (80), Steals (82) and Tackles (75) numbers are far from remarkable right now in FIFA 23. But not horrible either, they are more or less correct for an LD.

Logically, Vagnoman IF shouldn’t be a top winger for regular teams in FIFA 23. But yes it could even go unnoticed, be usable as gold equipment. And stand out a lot in the templates of its range. Because their defensive attributes are far from being at the top, but their physical conditions will make them more effective in the game.

Y is free to play even leading 81 in all dribbling stats except calmness (73). In addition to the fact that his short passing is very high (86) for the position he occupies and that he reaches four stars for bad leg.

Vision (72) and Long Pass (74) are more vulgar, while Dribbling Attributes will appear less due to his height. But without being an offensive specialist, It shouldn’t bother too much when the ball is released.

Thus, the characteristics of Vagnoman IF They are very remarkable for a money player. Logically, we have more convincing options among the upper middle special versions. But due to his numbers and physical power, he could even perform decently in normal elevens. And it seems to me one of the most interesting free to play in its range to date.

FIFA 23 – Free Vagnoman IF Goals

  • Expiration date: Wednesday, April 26, at seven o’clock in the afternoon, Spanish time.
  • Overall reward: Free Josha Vagnoman SI + 150 EXP.
  • Individual reward of all objectives: 150 EXP.
  • Gana 3: Win 3 matches in Live FUT Friendly: Silver Room.
  • Mark 8: Score 8 goals in Live FUT Friendly: Silver Room.
  • Assist 6: Assist on 6 live goals FUT Friendly: Sala Plata.

I leave you here the news with Fantasy FUT stats that have been updated recently. And if you want to be attentive to the news of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, You can subscribe to the Telegram broadcast channel. Good luck!

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