In Ultimate Team, it is common for some Premier League cards to be quite expensive for what they offer. It seems that some footballers would be much more affordable if they played in other leagues, it seems that the popularity of the English competition affects the price of players. But despite this, sometimes we can get special versions that they work great in FIFA 23 and are not that expensive. And a good example of this is Isak Fantasy FUT, a great DC with room for improvement.

Positions: DC and SD. Its current price is 295,000 coins on the global market and 327,000 on PC (according to He has four stars for skill and five for bad leg, high/low work rate, “Tall and lean” body type, he’s 1’92 and right-handed.

Why is Isak Fantasy FUT so interesting in FIFA 23?

His particular physical conditions were more negative in other seasons, it seems that they affected the dribbling statistics more. But in FIFA 23 he has Interesting qualities both to face closed defenses, and to generate chances with spaces.

On the one hand, his height of 1’92 and his strength of 85 make the sprint of 99 with Hunter even more effective. He’s a very dangerous striker in long runs, someone quite useful for attacking typical rivals who push their defensive lines a lot.

He’d handle fights better if his balance was better (73), but he’s still so tall he can protect the ball and position as he goes. other than that, Due to the 92 positioning, it performs very smart releases.

While over short distances, Isak Fantasy FUT does not feel very messy because the dribbling stats are quite good. He hardly lacks balance, and has 88 in agility with 94 in dribbling. Even if Above all, he is effective in generating goalscoring chances for his starsfor reaching four skills and five bad legs.

Driving very well left and right makes the difference compared to many other strikers in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. other than that, due to his shooting stats he hits quite a few scoring chances. Completion goes up to 96 and shot power to 94. Additionally, he has the “Outside Shot” trait.

And finally, as an assistant he is not spectacular but he is quite solid. Combining 86 Vision with 85 Short Passing is good at the moment, it’s enough not to miss often and distribute delicate help from time to time.

A DC level at a good price and with the possibility of improvement

Being a dynamic version, the risk of its price dropping later on seems higher as it might suffer some sort of glitch. Maybe he and his team are failing, he barely gets upgrades and therefore his costs go down. But even if we don’t know what will happen in the future, Given its current performance, we clearly recommend it. Justify your costwe would also recommend it if there was no chance for improvement.

The key to Isak Fantasy FUT is that works great both in the run and inside the zone. Its size, speed, and positioning make it quite dangerous with spaces. And in the final meters he usually takes advantage of shooting stars and stats.

He is a big and strong striker, who reaches 99 sprints with chemistry and at the same time can generate his own chances at short distances. All of this being from the Premier League and around 300,000 coins. We don’t know how it will evolve in the market, but the quality/price ratio is excellent.

Recommended Chemical Styles

  • Hunter: For someone so big and powerful, the 99 sprint is great, and his acceleration goes up to 97. And the shot numbers are also very convincing, he will combine 96 position, 96 finishing and 94 shot power.
  • Engine: It could be a valid alternative to increase its quality, although we prefer Hunter to be more precise when shooting. But you can also give up one sprint point, four boost points, and the entire shot boost; in exchange for adding eight points in balance (up to 81), four in agility (92) and five in dribbling (99). On top of that he will get a +4 in vision (90), short pass (89) and long pass (63).

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