More than a month ago, we published an article talking about The best strikers in LaLiga Santander at this moment. Attackers who offer a good level, but are also very expensive. And to this day, they maintain this high cost in the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team market. So it makes sense that many people are looking for a more affordable alternative. And if this is your case, our advice would be to sign Ferrán Torres RTTF.

Since he can no longer improve stats, its price has dropped dramatically. And now it seems like a real bargain. Even though he doesn’t get any more buffs, he’s still a very useful player. Even more in his competition, replacing the best versions of people like Joao Félix or Dembélé.

Positions: EI, MI and DC. Its current price is 64,000 coins on the global market and 65,000 on PC (according to He has four skill stars and a bad leg, high/medium work rate, Body Type Slim, is 1’84 tall and right handed. We recommend using it with Hunter.

Why is Ferran Torres RTTF a good deal on FIFA 23?

Maybe the farewell to upgrades disappointed a lot of people and that’s why it’s so affordable. But He is a striker with a lot of qualities that we can take advantage ofaside from the fact that it fits easily into hybrids.

For starters, he combines Body Type Slim with very good dribbling stats, 1’84 in height and 77 in strength. This means that he is not brutal when it comes to dribbling nor is he a vulnerable footballer to struggles. He has an interesting balance between the quality of the dribble and a certain physical resistance.

His skilful driving and not slacking off in the stars, allows Ferrán Torres RTTF to be useful in generating his own scoring chances. I wish he hit five for skill or bad leg, but at least he hit four in both aspects. AND his 87 finishing and 86 shot power are just fine in the current era of FIFA 23. For them, he hits plenty of goalscoring opportunities.

One of its main points of improvement is the sprint. She is 87 and will hit a 95 with Hunter as her chemistry. It’s far from a horrible number, but it’s something low against very competitive centre-backs. Not a brutal DC with spaces, in the game you notice that he loses a bit of speed when he travels long distances. Although he is tall, he has a certain strength and a privileged position (94, which will be 99 with style); It’s not too out of place either. He almost always complies.

And passing is one of the things that sets Ferrán Torres RTTF apart from many other cheap but decent forwards. As well as being fast off the start, reliable kicking and skillful dribbling; This special version is accurate as a wizard. combine 89 vision, 88 short pass and 85 long pass.

Interesting physical conditions and very complete stats

Have a lean body type, be 1’84 tall, reach 90 in almost all dribbling stats, and reach 77 in strength it’s not something usual in cards so affordable. Even less so when, being Spanish from Barcelona, ​​he will easily fit into many FIFA 23 hybrids.

Due to his particular physical conditions, to stand out as an assistant, meet the stars and not be out of tune during filming; Ferran Torres RTTF is a great low cost option. While it’s not a top-tier DC, it’s just a cut below. And that’s great for a special version that doesn’t even cost 70,000 coins. That’s why it’s a very interesting signing for Ultimate Team users who can’t (or don’t want to) sign LaLiga Santander’s most expensive forwards.

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