With other footballers like John Queen oh Dimitri Payet, we find Caicedo as one of the free to play of the current season pass of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. But there’s still time for us to trade him but that doesn’t stop us from getting a decent CDM for the Premier League even if we don’t want to spend a lot. And it is that, in the community team, we found Declan Rice TOTS and his market price is ridiculous.

Positions: CM and CDM. Its current price is 38,500 coins on the global market and 29,500 on PC (according to Futbin.com). He has three skill stars and a bad leg, medium/high work rate, Body type Tall and balanced, he is 1’85 and right handed. I recommend using it with Shadow.

FIFA 23 – Why Rice TOTS is very interesting?

Its performance is not impressive, but it is very solid despite its low cost. And being English from the Premier League, it wouldn’t be difficult to include him in the hybrids. In fact, it would be even easier than with Caicedo TOTS Moments.

Rice TOTS is far from interesting from box to box. His shot numbers are very low and his 86 dribbling looks much worse in the game, as his agility drops to 77 and because of his physical condition. However, for the role of MCD yes it’s great.

As a destructive midfielder he is good enough because he has privileged defensive attributes, more than adequate size and speed so as not to ruin the rest of the attributes. In addition to a medium/high work rate so as not to get lost very often when manipulated by the CPU.

He would appreciate a few extra intelligence points, and maybe because of that he doesn’t feel as solid as Icono Roy Keane Titans Trophy. But his 93 interceptions, 92 interceptions and 88 tackles reach perfection when we apply Shadow. That’s why it’s almost always reliable when trying to fly.

Other than that Rice TOTS He has additional security thanks to his physical conditions. To measure 1’85, for his strength of 87 and for the morphology Tall and balanced. He is the typical FIFA 23 player who can regain possession on certain occasions by using his body to disturb the opponent. And while it’s not surprising because of the pacing, it more than fills in. Combine 82 accelerations with 86 sprints.

While with the ball he is usually not the protagonist, but he does not bother too much either. As I said before, his 86 total dribbles are “misleading” and we don’t feel that light. Aside from the fact that he barely has three skill stars and a bad leg. However, in circulation he is a very safe player.

rice tots usually plays with precision and can even be important with another assist. Logical thing, since he reached a 93 short pass, 94 long pass and 88 vision. Thus, he rarely surprises with a goal and has difficulty dribbling, but does not participate in the movement of the ball or the sending into space towards his teammates.

So is it worth it?

If you have a lot of untradeable socks, you can complete the Roy Keane Icon Trophy Titans SBC. He has a few extra intelligence points and is even more effective as a helper. His short passing and vision stats are slightly higher and he reaches four stars for bad leg, less disagreeing with the ball.

Essien Icono Trophy Titans is another option which is at a very attractive price right now (in the general market, it’s barely around 230,000 coins). Physically less powerful, but it makes up for it with its high starting speed (it has 88 acceleration). If you don’t mind his vision being tacky (79), I prefer him to Declan.

But if you need that midfielder to be from the Premier League or want to spend some coins then Rice is a great value option. As with his TOTS last year, in FIFA 23 he is very cheap despite his performance in the CDM role.

He’s not a box-to-box midfielder or someone with an attacking vocation. With the ball he is usually not the protagonist. But If rear strength is your priority, then this is a very interesting signature.. The opportunity to call on someone reliable for very little. And apart from the fact that in West Ham we find Benrahma Fantasy FUT, his nationality is quite complete.

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