From the Creative 2.0 mode of Fortnitethe community has been hard at work leaving us with a good handful of additional content for us to enjoy totally free; something that has made the battle royale enter a whole new stage where we can try experiences of all kinds. And precisely, the information that I bring you here has to do with that; precisely with a selection of the best maps that you can enjoy in Fortnite this same month of May 2023. Let’s play with the list.

Play football in Fortnite… but with the shock hammer

  • The code for this card is: 0622-2797-3802
  • It’s like some kind of Rocket Leagueonly that it has a different twist
  • All players spawn with a shock hammer with which they will have to hit a gigantic ball to score a goal in the opposing team’s goal

Play Poppy’s Playtime in Fortnite

  • The card code is 0887-0268-5651
  • It is a recreation of the mythical horror game known as Poppy’s Playtime which was so popular last year
  • Afterwards, I leave you with a trailer that the map creator shared a YouTube so you can see it with your own eyes

Hunter or prey?

  • The code for this card is 2301-1112-2208
  • It is a card in which there are two sides: those who wear a sniper and those who don’t
  • The mission of the first will be the one who chases away the secondswhile the latter is to survive at all costs
  • It’s a very cool card to have a good laugh with friends
Creative 2.0

Rocket League inside Fortnite

  • The card code is 5620-6416-3977
  • It is a card in which you will have to drive a radio controlled car like in Rocket League
  • The difference is that we won’t have to play football with thembut lead them through a map reaching certain places before rivals to score points
Creative 2.0

How to search an island in Fortnite Creative with a code?

  • The first thing you will need to do is to access Fortnite itself 1⃣
  • Once in the lobby, you will have to choose the mode 2⃣
  • Once there, you switch the tabs to the last, which receives the name of Island Code 3⃣
  • It’s when alone you have to enter the specific code to take you to the map you want 4⃣

Do you know of any other Fortnite Creative maps worth trying out? I read you in the comments.

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