Signing dynamic builds in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team usually comes with some risk because if the card loses the upgrade options, its price often drops a lot. But the positive side is that the cost of some of them drops considerably, until they become interesting options to strengthen the team without spending too much.

That’s why last week we talked about Raspadori and Fofana RTTFand today I want to do the same with Anthony Martial RTTF, Alexander Isak Fantasy FUT and Youcef Atal RTTF. Except that Saliba Fantasy FUT it could soon be a similar case.

FIFA 23 – Interesting and Cheaper Dynamic Builds

Anthony Martial RTTF

Positions: DC, SD and MI. Its current price is 335,000 coins on the global market and 335,000 on PC. He has four skill stars and a bad leg, medium/low work rate, his own body type, is 1’84 tall and right-handed. I advise to use it with Motor or Hunter.

His fall was brutal due to the elimination of his club in the Europa League, to the point that he now has a fairly reasonable price despite the fact that it has almost always been very popular in Ultimate Team. It’s not an impressive deal, but it’s pretty good and can help create a lot of hybrids to be Manchester United’s Frenchman.

Maybe in a few weeks it loses its value due to TOTS content. But right now, he’s a pretty useful DC although he doesn’t reach five skill stars or bad leg. Especially in the next-gen version of FIFA 23It seems that there, he benefits more from his physical power.

Martial RTTF That profile of a striker who doesn’t have an exquisite ride, but is decent and accompanies it with wingspan to do damage to rivals in the race. The dribbling attributes seem lower in the game, but he is strong and tall. That is why it does not move either over short distances or when we have to run at maximum speed.

Except that He does more than enough as an assistant and is quite reliable when shooting. The combination of 88 vision and 90 short passing is always positive. And naturally, he hits 89 positioning, 90 finishing, and 95 shooting power. As a hunter, he’s a great finisher and might even be decent as a mover.

Alexander Isak Fantasy FUT

In-Game Stats Isak Fantasy FUT 92 FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
Positions: DC and SD. Its current price is 319,000 coins on the global market and 330,000 on PC. He has four stars for skill and five for bad leg, high/low work rate, tall and thin body type, he is 1’92 and right handed. I recommend using it with Hunter or Motor.

Another Premier League striker, with fewer options to switch to hybrids but very effective if you can give him some chemistry. I used it before +3 average and it was still very good, especially in the new generation version of FIFA 23. In the older generation, he performed, but he didn’t stand out as much.

He is a peculiar type of striker for being 1’92 tall, reaching 88 in strength and having a body type that makes him slimmer despite his tall stature. His driving isn’t exquisite, but not terribly clumsy either. And take more advantage of her for the bad leg five stars.

While he is in the race, Isak Fantasy FUT takes advantage of his size to be more efficient. With Hunter it is a very reliable shooter, you can even try it with Motor and as an assistant it does not bother either. Just like Martial, it is a level striker for a very reasonable price despite being in the Premier League.

Youcef Atal RTTF

In-Game Stats Atal RTTF 89 FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
Positions: LD, CAD, MD and CDM. Its current price is 115,000 coins on the global market and 105,000 on PC. He has four stars for skill and five for bad leg, high/medium work rate, lean body type, is 1’75 tall and right-handed. We recommend using it with Powerful or Anchor.

Another card I tried before its main buffs and it was already quite useful. Now that he’s increased defensive stats, we could even use him as an attack-minded full-back with Anchor as chemistry. Although I consider it above all special for box to box midfielder role.

His 85 stamina might be a bit low for this position, but in FIFA 23 we have up to five changes. And the key to Atal RTTF is that since he has 93 accelerations and 94 sprints naturally, we can use it with Powerful as alchemy and it won’t clash because of the rhythm despite that.

When applying the commented style, he receives +14 interceptions for this stat to reach perfection. In addition to combines 99 vision, 97 short pass and 91 long pass. Very interesting numbers to circulate reliably and give assists to attackers.

Dribbling doesn’t bother either, his shooting attributes are very solid for a midfielder and it makes a difference from the other options due to its four skills and five bad legs. So, after applying Potent, it fulfills defensive attributes and is very effective as a setter/reacher. All this despite costing just over 100,000 coins.

Saliba Fantasy FUT could be even more interesting soon

Saliba Fantasy FUT 90 FIFA 23 Ultimate Team In-Game Stats
Position: DFC only. Its current price is 451,000 coins on the global market and 455,000 on PC. He has a medium/high work rate, a tall and balanced build, is 1’92 tall and right-handed.

Saliba Fantasy FUT has already dropped its price a lot compared to what it was when it arrived in FIFA 23. But beware whyand have yet to decide on an upgrade. He would get +1 average and three new traits if Arsenal won or drew against Manchester City this Wednesday (in the game that decides the future of Gundogan y Ben White showdown).

I don’t know how the encounter will affect its cost. But I’m including it in the article in case they lose and it might go down even more. With the numbers he has, he is already a very interesting central defender as he combines a high pace, privileged defensive stats and an imposing physique.

In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team we find DFCs of great importance but a bit slow to start. Also others who are very fast but less dominant in clinch. However, Saliba Fantasy FUT compliant in all respects. That’s why it works so well.

The source of the post prices is I leave you here news of a list of potential Icons/Heroes for EA Sports FC. Also Fantastic FUT tracking. And if you want to be informed about FIFA 23 Ultimate Team news, You can subscribe to the Telegram broadcast channel. Cheers!

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