Except that Another event will start on Friday In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, this Thursday there is also news because a new season has arrived. Its name is “Football Nostalgia”, It will last until April 27 and with it the background maps are back free.

This type of special versions disappeared in the previous season, but now We have three at level 15 and three more at level 30. And in each of the two cases, we should choose one if we add the necessary experience points.

Among the first Background, we only find players from secondary leagues (Eredivisie, MLS and Liga Portugal). However, the most exclusive belong to some of the most popular competitions in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. They are Nacho Fernández (LaLiga Santander), Scott McTominay (Premier League) and Kevin Lasagna (Serie A). And especially the first two, they have quite convincing statistics.

Although yes, as you have to wait a long time to be able to exchange them, they may not be so interesting when they are already available. Because in previous seasons, the TOTS started in April. Thus, the overall level of FUT might increase a bit.

New FIFA 23 background maps

Zakaria Baakali (RKC Waalwijk – Eredivisie – Belgium) (level 15)

Positions: EI, MI and ED. He has four stars in skill and bad leg, medium/low work rate, build Short but strong, he is 1’68 and right-handed.

Tim Leibold (Paços Ferreira – Liga Portugal – Portugal) (level 15)

In-Game Stats Tiago Ilori Trabackground FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
Position: DFC only. He has a low/high work rate, a tall and balanced build, is 1’90 tall and right-handed.

Tim Leibold (Sporting KC – MLS – Germany) (level 15)

In-game stats Leibold Trasfondo FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
Positions: LI, CAI and MI. He has three skill stars and a bad leg, high/medium work rate, balanced body type, is 1’74 tall and left-handed.

Nacho Fernández (Real Madrid – LaLiga Santander – Spain) (level 15)

In-Game Stats Nacho Fernández Background FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
Positions: DFC and LI. He has two stars for skill and four for bad leg, low/high work rate, balanced body type, is 1’80 tall and right-handed.

Scott McTominay (Manchester United – Premier League – Scotland) (level 15)

In-Game Stats McTominay Trasfondo FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
Positions: CDM and CM. He has three stars for skill and four for bad leg, medium/high work rate, tall and balanced build, he is 1’93 and right handed.

Kevin Lasagna (Greece Verona – Serie A – Italy) (level 15)

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Lasagne Trasfondo In-Game Stats
Positions: DC and SD. He has four stars for skill and one bad leg, high/low work rate, Tall & Balanced+ body type, is 1’86 tall and left handed.

we left here the news of the new silver free to play there the position of tactics and instructions for the formation 4-1-2-1-2 (2). If you want to be informed about FIFA 23 Ultimate Team news, you can join telegram broadcast channel. Good luck!

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