FIFA 23: so we can get Ronaldo Prime Icon on loan for many games

FIFA 23: so we can get Ronaldo Prime Icon on loan for many games

The very day we officially found out what they are FUT Champions rewards in FIFA 23 during TOTS and discovered attractive free season pass cardsthe Twitter account @EASPORTSFIFA made a post where he comments that by subscribing to receive company news by email, we could get an Icon player chosen on loan for twenty-four games. And the cards presented would be Ronaldo, Paolo Maldini and Iker Casillas Prime.

Looks like we could subscribe from next page, and terms and conditions will apply. Besides the fact that the player’s choice will not come out yet in our Ultimate Team club, but they would start delivering them from Friday, May 12 (should coincide with the arrival of the ALL Bundesliga).

I personally believe that Ronaldo Icono Prime is the most attractive option of the three and I guess many users will agree with me. It is an extremely expensive version in the market of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, very exclusive. I therefore consider him much more interesting than the others, since Maldini and Casillas are easier to buy.

It would be a transfer, but for twenty-four games. Enough games to play a full FUT Champions Final with him, other than it would be useful for some online friendlies as footballers don’t consume contracts there.

Many FIFA 23 users will already have it on loan but for fewer matches. We were able to achieve this during FUT’s anniversary, thanks to a group of objectives.

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