On Saturday April 1, the Gattuso Icon FUT Birthday Squad Building Challenge appeared, and on Friday April 7, the Roy Keane Icon Trophy Titans SBC arrived in FIFA 23. They are two very similar midfield profiles, so some users from Ultimate Team might wonder which one is more interesting. Well, after trying both versions, I want to give my opinion on the subject. we have already published the italian magazine there now it was the irish turn.

Position: MC only. He has three stars for skill and four for bad leg, medium/high work rate, balanced body type, is 1’80 tall and right-handed.

What should we sacrifice to get it?

  • a model of unique bronzes.
  • a model of unique silvers.
  • A model with 84 on average which includes a Manchester United player and an IF or FUT Champions card.
  • A model with 86 on average which includes a Premier League player.
  • A model with 88 on average which includes an IF or FUT Champions card.

FIFA 23 – Roy Keane Icono Trophy Titans Review

This is a great card if you’re looking for a top defensive midfielder who doesn’t bother you with the ball and that he can even play in another luxury audience. If your priority is not quality with the ball or reaching the last meters, Roy Keane Icono Trophy Titans is quite interesting.

Contrary to what happens with Gattuso, don’t slack off slightly on the beat. He has one more acceleration point (81) and four in sprinting (84), which is why his favored defensive stats look even better.

He is one of the most reliable midfielders behind which I tried in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Something logical because, after applying Shadow as his chemistry, he combines 99 interceptions, 96 intelligence, 99 interceptions, 99 tackles, 90 strength, 99 aggression, 95 anticipation and 95 composure. These are brutal attributes that he goes along with his medium/high work rate and decent height of 1’80.

So defensively he is on top, while in attack he is weak in arrival and driving. It’s not too awkward, but his total of 87 dribbles is misleading as his agility drops to 75. Far from it, he is someone exquisite with the ball, apart from his shooting statistics with vulgar.

However, Roy Keane Icon Trophy Titans He can be very important offensively thanks to his passing. In fact, it’s one of the qualities that sets him apart from other destructive midfielders in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Because in addition to being very efficient in his half of the field, he can help the team with his precision when sending. Because the vision (90), short pass (95) and long pass (92) numbers are excellent.

A top defensive midfielder who does even better than Gattuso

Having tried both, I consider the Irish better than Gattuso for that destructive midfield role that doesn’t care about the ball. And it’s a shame that the FUT Birthday version of the Italian preceded this one. Because many Internet users will have passed their stockings on him, when Keane will also integrate into his team.

Gennaro is a competitive MDP, but the most of the pace and overtaking makes the difference in Roy’s favor. Faster, defensively, he is even more solid. Apart from that, it offers more outstanding reliability. And in FIFA 23, having good assistants is quite interesting.

Although yes, if you’ve already done Gattuso’s FUT Birthday SBC and you’re happy with his performance, I wouldn’t complete Keane’s. Even if he is superior, he wouldn’t spend so much money or socks on the same midfield profile. And I wish Roy had come sooner.

If you have the Gennaro card in your Ultimate Team club, I would only do the Trophy Titans Squad Building Challenge in case your top priority for the midfield is strength at the back and plan to use both at the same time. If you want to create a very reliable midfield, in exchange for not having the typical quality MC who is very fine with the ball and dangerous when it reaches the rival area. But that already depends on individual tastes.

Essien Trophy Titans as a great transferable alternative

In-Game Stats FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Icono Titans Essien Trophy
Positions: CDM and CM. Its current price is 373,000 coins on the global market and 303,000 on PC (according to Futbin.com). He has three stars for skill and four for bad leg, high/high work rate, balanced body type, is 1’77 tall and right-handed.

Finally, I want to say that Essien Icon Trophy Titans also appeared in FIFA 23 last Friday, April 7th. And its price surprises me a lot. I don’t understand why he is so cheap despite being a legend and despite his characteristics.

In defense I would even put him slightly above Roy Keane to be even faster. For his 88 accelerations and 85 sprints. Although with the ball I prefer the Irishman because Michael’s vision is vulgar (79). So it’s not as useful with forward triangles.

I would choose one or the other depending on whether you prefer to spend coins or stockings. I guess some FIFA 23 users don’t want to use their coins, but they have a lot of untradeable cards with a high overall rating. Well, in that case, you could complete the SBC.

While if you don’t mind using coins and defensive midfield vision isn’t key to your style of play, then I’d sign Essien Icono Trophy Titans. It’s cheaply priced for a former player, it would have chemistry like MC or CDM and you could sell it when you no longer want to use it.

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