Last Friday, the first teams of the season arrived at Ultimate teamthat’s to say, Community TOTS and those of the Premier League. It is expected that the next to make an appearance in the game will be one of the favorites of each year, like that of the premier leagueso we wanted to compile which are the players who have the greatest sporting merits among the nominees and Statistics they could have Stakes.

Modeled after the Community Team of the Season, we’ve selected fifteen core players for the team that will appear in packs, along with a number of TOTS moments that could accompany them in packsIn CCS‘known Goals free to play. It is likely that in the next few days the letters of the elected officials will be filtered, but we remind you that until the Friday May 5 they will not officially arrive in the game. This is our selection.

TOTS Prediction – Premier League

Guardian and defenses

  • Nick Pope: The England goalkeeper is the least beaten in the league and the second with the most clean sheets. Because of his Showdown with 88 average, the logic is that he surpasses the blue card of David de Gea.
  • Guillaume Saliba: The French central defender has been very reliable in duels and clean when it comes to cutting the balls to avoid fouls and cards. His Fantasy FUT has barely gotten a +1 since hitting FIFA 23, but he’s a very competitive centre-back nonetheless. So how brutal could TOTS be.
  • Kieran Trippier: Multiple recoveries and contributions in attack to appear as the most complete winger of the season in England. His SIF is very slow, but he received a Winter Wildcards release that hit 88 beats. If it wasn’t lacking in speed, it could be a very complete LD.
  • Luke Shaw: Manchester United’s return after the World Cup was forged from the defense and, in this, the English full-back had a great weight. Maybe he had DFC as an alternate position, and if so, he could stand out with his pace. Whereas as an LI he would likely have brutal defensive attributes. And although he’s only 6’1″, his Type of body makes it more robust in the game.
  • Lisandro Martinez: Gradually he has become one of United’s defensive mainstays, so his recent injury could injure ten of Hag’s men at the end of the season. His World Cup freaks were too slow for the full-back position, but as a DFC he was short in stature (1’78). It might not offer the reliability of top-tier TOTS.


FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Prediction Team of the Season TOTS Premier League
  • Kevin De Bruyne: It doesn’t look like the Belgian Manchester City star is going to fail his annual TOTS appointment. His 7 goals and 16 assists lead Guardiola’s men to the title. You could have the same average as your TOTY, but vary some stats to be slightly different.
  • Martin Odegaard: The Norwegian has put the team on their backs with his goals in many sections of the year to fight for the lead. In FIFA 23, he could stand out for his passing and dribbling numbers, although he would mostly appreciate a star upgrade. I would like to combine five of SKILLS with four bad legs, then it would be a lot more unbalanced.
  • casemiro: Without being the Brazilian pivot’s best season, he managed to bring competitiveness and experience to the heart of the ‘Red Devils’. Maybe he wouldn’t be as slow as in the other editions, because his TOTT was already at 76 paces. And he would likely have brutal defensive and physical stats.
  • Rodri: The Spanish player took over the “citizen” midfielder. There is no defensive midfielder in England who has stolen more balls than him. Due to the pace upgrade his TOTS received last year, he may not be very slow in FIFA 23. And while he seems difficult to balance his dribbling, he could take advantage of very high numbers in vision, short passes and long passes. To be the typical rough in driving but precise in driving MCD.
  • Joao Straw: He scored important goals in games that were decided in the last minutes and is currently the player with the most completed sets in Europe. Considering his FIFA 23 Path to Glory already combined 90 Defense with 95 Physical, he would likely excel in those aspects. Even if, above all, it would be important for him to improve his rhythm and, as is the case with Rodri, it seems difficult for him to have a balanced dribble.


FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Prediction Team of the Season TOTS Premier League
  • Erling Haaland: The Nordic ram is becoming a legend. Top scorer in the league with 34 goals in 30 games. Maybe the TOTS could be slightly higher than your TOTY and its price would probably be extremely high.
  • Harry Kane: The English striker is once again the London team’s only hope of reaching European positions. He might not be a hugely popular DC in Ultimate Team, but his FIFA 23 honorable mentions haven’t fared too badly as a scoring striker (especially in next generation). So, a TOTS could be another leap in quality.
  • Mohammad Salah: Despite the poor season for Kloop’s men, the Egyptian star has reappeared at key moments not to fall from the rankings. He received five special releases this season but none exceeded four stars from SKILLS and the three of bad leg. I wish his TOTS were an exception so that the full stats shine a lot more.
  • Bukayo Saka: The young British pearl of Arsenal was one of the main offensive references of the year. Double figures in goals and assists. Among his honorable mentions, he could be a very complete striker for FIFA 23. Although I would appreciate a four-star improvement from SKILLS and bad leg.
  • Marcus Rashford: The Mancunian winger showed up in attack after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo from the team. Add 16 goals and 5 assists. He could be one of the stars of the Premier League TOTS, due to his popularity and because his World Cup Stories version already combined five skill stars with four bad leg stars.

ALL Moments / SBC / free

As we said in the introduction, in this category we collect a series of players who could appear with the rest of the starters in packs, or do it in extraordinary ways through CCS‘known Goals free.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Prediction Team of the Season TOTS Premier League
  • Gabriel Martinelli: The Brazilian winger’s 15 goals and 5 assists have largely contributed to the many victories for the ‘Gunner’ team. She could do a slight upgrade to her RTTF, to bring the pacing closer to perfection and we could still improve other stats with the chemistry flair.
  • Ben Mee: The experienced Brentford centre-back has had a bumper month in which he can boast of being one of the few to stop Haaland’s City at the Etihad. He didn’t receive any special version in FIFA 23 and is just 1’80 tall. Except improve of Statistics impressive, it shouldn’t offer the security of the top of the DFC.
  • Solly Mars: One of the revelations of the year. His brace and assist against Liverpool was one of strong points it’s seasonal. Since his IF already had 75 defense and 72 physical, he could become the typical card that appears on the wing but we can use him as a midfielder box in box during matches.
  • Ollie Watkins: Add 20 goals, between his camp and assisted, to have Unai Emery close to the positions of the Europa League. Key in many close games. It should increase its IF stat enough to be interesting, and would also appreciate a star boost (just match three of the SKILLS with four bad legs).

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