Right now we are in the TOTS Warmup series, so we can get packs in different ways and we shouldn’t exclude more SBC players who are not related to the celebration (like AbrahamRTTF). But I guess many FIFA 23 Ultimate Team users will want to know when we find out the first teams of the season. And although there is still no official information about TOTS from the Community, yes we know the premier league date.

On the EA Sports website itself, we can see a message that says the following: “CHECK OUT THE PREMIER LEAGUE TOTS ON MAY 5”. Going back to the page that day, we will know “who is part of the team”.

Date to discover the FIFA 23 Premier League TOTS

This is the message that can be seen on the EA Sports site.

SO It will be on May 5 that we will find out which players are part of the Premier League TOTS. And although they don’t specify it completely, the logic would be that the team is already available in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team (because it’s a Friday).

Besides that, as the community team It usually arrives before that of the English Championship and was the first to be voted on, it is very likely that it will appear on Friday April 28. It has not yet been officially confirmed, but it seems the most reasonable.

I leave you here the news with the new numbers and characteristics of the RTTF which have been recently updated. And if you want to be informed about FIFA 23 Ultimate Team news, you can join telegram broadcast channel. Cheers!

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