FIFA 23 Ultimate Team new season season pass is part of TOTS Swaps. Instead of getting tokens, we now need to add experience to redeem different rewards. And in some levels you will have to choose between redeeming a special version or other content (envelopes and player selections). At level 5 we find Giovanni Reyna TOTS Moments and an untradeable pack of five players +85. Which option could be more interesting? Well I tried the letter and here are my impressions.

Positions: EI, MI, ED and MCO. He has five stars for skill and three for bad leg, medium/medium work rate, Body type Tall and balanced, he is 1’85 tall and right handed. I recommend using it with Hunter.

FIFA 23 – Reyna TOTS Moments or the cinco envelope +85?

It’s a card with several important weaknesses, but it also has very interesting virtues and that’s why it can offer a good level. Although anyway, I only recommend choosing Reyna TOTS Moments if she fits your team and you are a watermark expert. But if he doesn’t belong on your team or you’re barely using skills, then I’d let him slide.

If FIFA 23 maintains the momentum of other editions, very powerful special versions should appear soon. So maybe it won’t be worth as much. Because the attackers could arrive with their qualities, and also not suffer from their faults.

What are your weaknesses?

His 84 finish is not very high, but it works better thanks to the power of 91 shots. After applying Hunter as Chemistry, they go up to 92 and 95 respectively. The problem is that when faced with demanding rivals, can be limited by his bad leg three stars.

Not being very sure of his left foot, the adversary can know this weakness and take advantage of it in his favor. Therefore, in individual situations, it is not as dangerous as other FIFA 23 Ultimate Team alternatives. Especially if you as a user don’t usually take advantage of watermarks. If you are an expert with the skills, then it will be easier to hide this lack.

And another obvious weak point is that, although his dribbling stats are great, on the pitch we don’t feel as skilled. Logical thing considering his height of 1’85 and his tall and balanced morphology. He’s not too clumsy, but he also doesn’t seem to reach 98 agility and 99 dribbling. Its handling is not exquisite and this limits it even more over short distances.

Why can you perform well despite your weaknesses?

While she might be a lot lighter on the ball and three stars on the wrong foot is an obvious problem, Reyna TOTS Moments makes up for those weaknesses with some strengths. Actually, if you are an expert in skills, it will be easier for you to generate your own chances although he’s not too threatening with his left foot.

Besides, knows how to differentiate himself from many other attackers due to his physical conditions. They wreak havoc on short distances, but they make it more dangerous on long runs. Because if it is not surprising for his release (he has only 85 of placement), he combines a perfect rhythm with Cazador with 90 of force and 1’85 of height.

Far from it, he’s the typical FIFA 23 weak player who tends to easily get off balance in the face of rival struggles. It can withstand some physical contact, and therefore is able to damage forward defenses.

In addition to being a great assistant. Reyna TOTS Moments combines 92 vision with 94 short passing. Maybe more impressive numbers, but still very good. And when paired with his filigree five stars, he’s a very solid option to play as a winger.

We can move up the wing with him taking advantage of his physical power, good ball handling, skill and precision with shipments. For all these qualities, he knows how to perform despite the defects mentioned. And if you are a crack with watermarks, it is a good option to occupy one of the sides. But I only recommend him if he already fits into your team. If not, I’d rather redeem the wrap to try my luck and (at least) have some downs for future SBCs.

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