The protagonist of Alias ​​must infiltrate a criminal organization, but he closes ties with the chief’s son

netflix Premiere on Friday April 28 A.k.ahis new French action thriller directed by Morgan S. Dalibert (this is his first film) and starring Alban Lenoir, Eric Cantona there Thibault de Montalembert. As usual on the streaming platform, A.k.a It arrived practically silently and with 0 promotions, but it has already become the most watched of Netflix Spain and could sweep the weekly leaderboard.

If you haven’t heard of the Alias ​​ending or just want to know what’s going on out of curiosity, I explain Alias ​​ending in this post in detail. What’s happening to Al Tayeb? Does Adam Franco fulfill his mission?

What happens at the end of Alias?

A special ops agent faces a moral dilemma when he infiltrates a criminal organization and befriends the boss’s son. It is the plot from which part A.k.athe new original movie from netflix. Adam Franco uses his true identity to successfully infiltrate this organization, but when he befriends the boss’ son, the problems begin, and above all, he faces a moral dilemma.

In this way, Adam joins the organization to prepare for the next big heist: a bank robbery.. However, in the middle of the flight, they are intercepted. At this moment, Victor discover that Natalia disclosed information to It’s funnywho believed that the woman had betrayed him and ended up demanding the kidnapping of her son. Victor he doesn’t want to pay the ransom, so the solution is for the very skilled Adam to save the young man alive.

It is true that Victor is happy with the success of Adam Francopartly because her son is alive, but he doesn’t trust the hero and ends up going after him, discovering he’s actually an undercover cop. The agent discovers that he has been discovered, but At this moment you already know the location of Al Tayeba Sudanese terrorist: it was the objective to infiltrate the criminal organization and not another.

A moral dilemma is unleashed at the end of Alias, the new Netflix film

Will Adam Franco eventually stop Al Tayeb?

Everything seems to indicate that Al Tayeb is about to commit another attack, so Adam must intervene. But the undercover agent ends up discovering that all is not as he is told: Al Tayeb would not be a terrorist, but someone who would have tried to obtain a ceasefire in Sudanbut that he experienced a tragedy: his wife died in an attack and his daughter was seriously injured. Is Adam really okay? Such is the moral debate that arises, which ends up helping the daughter of Al Tayeb instead of supporting Kruger’s special agents. The end, rather happy: the truth about Moktar is discovered and everything is closed.

You can see A.k.a In netflix via the following link. This French film was presented in preview on the platform of streaming on April 28, 2023.

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