Fifa 23 Ultimate Team leak day. If we recently commented that multiple TOTY icons could appear in SBCsnow the Twitter account @FootSheriff comments that TOTS Warmup Series (i.e. the warm-up series of the TOTS) would arrive this weekend. In addition to the Twitter account @nickycai2 reportedly leaked which matches will be playing in the upcoming marquees.

FIFA 23 Leaks

canopies to come

  • Newcastle v Tottenham
  • Olympique de Lyon vs Olympique de Marseille
  • Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid
  • PSV v Ajax

TOTS warm-up series

I think it made sense that we would have an event like this after Trophy Titans ended. Because last year TOTS came to Ultimate Team on April 29. And if the Warm-up Series lasted a week, in FIFA 23 it could appear on Friday the 28th. So it would start on a very similar date.

It was probably too early for the celebration of the teams of the season to start on April 21. But it would make sense to have a warm up series in which to get envelopes before the big party.

And for what happened on other occasions, it is likely that today we will see a loading screen announcing the start of the TOTS warm-up series. And a curious detail is that the design of the card itself is already visible in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, we can find it in the menu between the types of versions.

So if the leak was true, the Teams of the Season event would not start this April 21. First we would have their warm-up series, something that has already happened in FIFA 22.

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