Sony announces that Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores, the expansion to the Guerrilla title and exclusive DLC for PlayStation 5, is now available through the PlayStation Digital Store. €19.99this expansion offers a new adventure full of new characters, machines and threats.

This new adventure will begin after aloy receiving a call from her focus, this will cause the warrior to embark on a journey to a new region, located south of the Lands of the Tenakth Clans. Once there, he must confront and investigate a new mystery of the ancient world. Although she won’t be doing it alone, this time Aloy will be accompanied by Seyka, a determined and strong warrior of the Quen tribe. To enjoy this new DLC, players must complete the main campaign, including the mission ”Singularity”.

It seems that Guerrilla is doing well and, as they already assured last year, focusing on versions for PlayStation 5 makes the development of future content much more profitable. It’s worth remembering that the Horizon franchise still has a few projects to blast, like a TV series and a possible standalone multiplayer title.

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