In addition to recent leaks pointing to the appearance of more icon-related SBCs, we are entering the home stretch of the football season. And if they repeat last year’s dynamic, many Showdowns could come to FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Indeed, the Twitter account @nickycai2 would have disclosed that Ilkay Gündogan (Manchester City) and Ben White (Arsenal) would receive this type of letter.

FIFA 23 Leak – Gundogan and Ben White Showdown

Manchester City and Arsenal They are due to face each other in the Premier League on Wednesday April 26. Therefore, the logical thing would be for their SBCs to appear on weekends or Mondays at the latest. And Gundogan and Ben White have already received cards with high averages in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

German was made available as Free Moments, a special version with more or less complete statistics but which was weak on certain important aspects. He wasn’t fast, he didn’t have great stamina either, and his dribbling was unbalanced.

But if Showdown received a massive boost and covered up its shortcomings, then could become quite a valuable box-to-box midfielder. Although given that he would have the ability to improve his stats depending on what was going on in the game, I feel it wouldn’t be too affordable.

Gundogan appeared in January as a free game. If his Showdown got a big, balanced boost, he could be a pretty well-rounded player. But it can also come at a very high cost.

While Ben White has an RTFWC version which already more than meets the defensive stats. As a Showdown, he could stand out, although above all it would be important for him to improve his speed and strength by 84 a lot.

He is not a great central defender, he is 1’85. So to be much more useful in Ultimate Team, he would need to have a higher pace and it would not be bad for him to increase his physical power. Because right now in FIFA 23 it’s easy to get competitive DFCs without spending a little. To stand out from the alternatives that we have already found, it would be necessary to make a good level jump.

Ben White RTFWC FIFA 23 Ultimate Team In-Game Stats
His defensive stats are already very good, but he is not dominated by pace and strength.

I leave you here the news of the TOTW 25 there the new free silver card. And if you want to be informed about FIFA 23 Ultimate Team news, You can subscribe to the Telegram broadcast channel. Have a nice day!

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