FUT Birthday Swaps They have already started in FIFA 23, but it will take until Friday for the FUT Birthday event to officially kick off. Personally, it’s a party that excites me a lot because it has advanced the stars of its players in recent years. And be careful because, according to the Twitter account @FootSheriff, Pedri could appear on SBC over the holidays.

FIFA 23 Leak – Pedri SBC on FUT Anniversary

If the leak is true, it appears as FUT Birthday and this type of card continues to improve the stars of its players; He would have quite a few options to be a brutal midfielder. Because his honorable mentions already stood out in many ways.

The previous special version from Pedri to FIFA 23 he combined five skills, 90 acceleration, 93 vision, 92 short passing and exquisite dribbling. If he were to hit five stars with the wrong leg next, he’d probably be one of Ultimate Team’s best creative midfielders.

His honorable mentions are already a very nice midfielder, so FUT Birthday could be brutal. And I would have liked him to receive a small improvement in defense to be even more complete. Although yes, for all the qualities it brings together and for its ease of integration into hybrids, let alone I expect it to be affordable. But it might still be worth it.

Honorable mentions is already one of the most technical midfielders in FIFA 23. If FUT Birthday hits a bad foot five, he could be an impressive passer/comer.

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