If you were planning on logging into Ultimate Team to do things like complete the penultimate SBC for “Road to the FUT 23 Finals”, you should know that at the moment this is not possible. We are currently unable to play FUT in FIFA 23. Although This is not something unexpected, but scheduled maintenance by EA Sports.

From half past six in the morning, Spanish time, users cannot use online services and modes. In addition to the fact that they disabled the creation of matches half an hour before. And as the company itself reported, This situation is expected to last until one o’clock in the afternoon, Spanish time.

This is the message we see when we enter FIFA 23

Expected end of maintenance time in each country

  • Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala: 06:00.
  • Cuba, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Panama: 07:00.
  • Porto Rico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela and bolivia: 08:00.
  • Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay: 09:00.
  • Spain: 1 p.m.

we leave you here Ben Yedder’s POTM article in Ligue 1. If you want to be informed about FIFA 23 Ultimate Team news, You can subscribe to our Telegram broadcast channel. Good luck!

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