After several days going through this type of challenges, we see how the circle of improvements of the main European leagues is closed with this CCS of the French championship Before doing so, we want to remind you that in the last hours we have shared our opinion on when is the best time to open your envelopesin addition to the leak of a free Eredivisie TOTS.

SBC “Improved League 1 x11 75+”

This challenge will be available until friday april 28 at seven in the evening (Spanish peninsula time). the reward will be an envelope of eleven Ligue 1 cards with an average of 75 or more. It can be repeated once every 24 hourseven if the footballers who come out of the peloton they will be non-transferable.

Challenge 1: Team OVR: 81

Reward: Small pack of electronic readers.

  • Minimum team star value: 81
8,150 coins in general market and 9,700 in PC

Challenge 2: Team OVR: 84

Reward: About the composition of the players.

  • Minimum team star value: 84
FIFA 23 Ultimate Team SBC League 1 Upgrade x11 75+
45,550 coins in general market and 50,350 in PC

We commented the same as with the Premier League and LaLiga Santander. We recommend that you complete it several times if this is your favorite competition in FIFA 23 and you could do it with non-transferable stockings. But in all other cases, we would let it pass.

Here you can check the nominees for the POTM of LaLiga Santander for the month of April. If you want, you can take a look at our official Telegram broadcast channel to stay up to date with everything that’s happening in the game.

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