Wednesday with lots of content in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. TOT 18, the free silver letter there the unique and free Mega Pack they are accompanied by a new battle. John Stones Showdown represents Manchester City and if his team beat Newcastle at home next Saturday, this special version would get +2 on average. They would get only one point in case of a tie and none in case of a loss.

As the match will start at 1:30 p.m. Spanish time, we don’t know exactly how long his SBC will be available. Because according to the game they say there are two days left before it expires, but it doesn’t specify when exactly it will. And now it’s time to analyze its current characteristics.

Position: DFC only. Its SBC currently costs around 159,950 coins in the general market and 165,250 on PC. He has a high/high work rate, a tall and balanced build +, is 1’88 tall and right-handed.

FIFA 23 – John Stones Showdown Analysis

We expect it to perform well, especially in the next-gen version of FIFA 23. We don’t think he’s a top centre-back, but we think he’s just a cut below. Although we already have similar transferable options in the Premier League. And to make a difference for them, you’d probably need the match upgrade.

His strength of 86 is pretty good but not great and even though he is 6’2″ the body type is Tall and Balanced+ instead of Tall and Balanced. So it won’t be someone weak but nor do we expect Stones Showdown to have spectacular physical dominance.. Just obey.

Yes the same thing happens with rhythm. At this point in FIFA 23, combining 78 sprints with 85 sprints is fine (even more so when you’re a big DFC) but that’s not surprising. While the defensive stats make us even more compelling. Having 88 in all defensive attributes is always good news.

For these attributes of interception, intelligence, thefts and entries; we expect Stones Showdown to work quite well. That it’s reliable in the cut and that, thanks to its decent speed, it also doesn’t look out of place in long runs. That it simply conforms, that it performs acceptably almost always in competitive models.

With the ball, it shouldn’t cause much trouble either. His dribbling stats are very good for a DFC At this point in FIFA 23. And the same goes for passing, combining 88 short passing, 84 long passing, and even 80 vision is great for the position he’s in.

Hence, for his strong defensive stats, correct pace, 86 in strength and 1’88 in height; we expect Stones Showdown to perform well in Ultimate Team. Not that he’s an impressive centre-back, but one he almost always respects. Although the commented figures no longer surprise us, since many players with similar characteristics have appeared. But if his team wins the match, he could make a significant leap forward.

Manchester City FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Competitive Card Examples
Manchester City have received quite a few special releases, although many of them have high prices (letters thanks to

So is it worth it?

We are happy with his price as Manchester City players are usually expensive. If it was a transferable card, it would probably cost more. Although in any case, due to the alternatives that we already find on the market, we believe that to be really interesting you should get the victory upgrade.

With its current features, we assume there won’t be a huge difference between Stones Showdown and even more affordable options. Because, for example, Koulibaly oro has less acceleration but his sprint is greater (88), he reaches 94 in strength and slightly exceeds it in some important defensive stats.

Van Dijk or, despite his acceleration being horrible, he usually makes up for it with the rest of the attributes and his own body type. Besides the fact that there are special versions such as Gehi Future Stars (which is also English), someone very cheap (less than 50,000 coins right now) and quite similar to the SBC player in many ways. He is six centimeters shorter, but his body type is small but strong.

Fofana RTTF It’s much more expensive (over 220,000 coins), but it’s a dynamic version that could improve its stats in the future and already reaches 87 sprints. Besides the fact that we have other low cost options such as Luke Shaw FIS.

Therefore, for all existing alternatives, we recommend Stones Showdown if you are sure that Manchester City will win the match. If you think he will receive +2 on average. Because if he doesn’t improve, he shouldn’t be much better than other Premier League centrals who are much cheaper and more transferable.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team England Competitive Map Examples
England has maps for different budgets and styles of play.

Recommended Chemistry Style

  • dark : His pace is correct but he is not too fast either, so he will appreciate the speed gain. It will combine 86 accelerations with 93 sprints. While his defensive numbers will be very good, hitting 96 interceptions, 92 headers, 92 intelligences, 96 interceptions and 99 tackles.

CCS solution

  • Min. 1 Premier League player
  • Min. 1 player OVR 87 and above
  • 1 player min. : Team of the Week (TOTW)
  • Minimum team star value: 86
FIFA 23 Ultimate Team SBC Stones Showdown
159,950 coins in general market and 165,250 in PC

We remember that we don’t know exactly when the John Stones Showdown SBC will expire, but it should do so after Friday, March 3 at 9:00 p.m. Spanish time. we left here Zaccagni’s articles there Elmas Showdown. Also our Telegram broadcast channel, in case you want to know when we release FIFA 23 Ultimate Team news. Good luck!

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