Besides other very notable innovations (such as announcement of reward changes, end of TOTW, time change for FUT Champions oh your extra rewards for a limited time), an SBC player also arrived in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team today. It’s Lois Openda POTM from Ligue 1, It will be available until May 25. And he has some pretty interesting stats. Although unfortunately he did not upgrade his natural stars.

Positions: DC and SD. Its SBC currently costs around 68,350 coins in the general market and 71,300 on PC. He has three skill stars and a bad leg, high/low work rate, balanced body type, is 1’74 tall and right-handed.

FIFA 23 – Analysis of Lois Openda POTM of Ligue 1

From the stats it seems like a great card, the upgrade over the TIF which we already recommend It’s not very big but he gets a few extra pass points and a +3 in strength. Still, we’re quite disappointed that a POTM striker don’t load your natural three stars with skills and bad leg despite it being the end of april.

Failing in these respects, He won’t have as many resources to cheat enemy centre-backs one-on-one. And against smart rivals who know this weakness, it could be much more limited than other alternatives.

Openda POTM already has some very interesting attributes. Besides that, due to its perfect rhythm in a natural way, if it will be a starter, we can use it with chemicals as an artist to pick up the pass and dribble at the same time, or Finisher to improve the shot and dribble at the same time. Depending on what we prefer, we can improve some qualities or others.

If we want him to be an excellent assistant, very powerful in close combat, even more electric with the ball or quite reliable in shooting; we can do it in style. For that its statistics are very convincing, even more so given its low cost.

But failing in the stars, Openda POTM might feel limited inside the box against more competitive rivals. Because he won’t threaten with his left foot or perform most tricks in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. It is true that he has shooting from the outside and shooting with quality, but the ideal would be that he arrives at four with a bad leg.

And due to the mentioned serious flaw, we wouldn’t use him as a centre-forward. Because in tight matches, his lack of resources could be a problem. Even if As a winger or even as an MCO behind multiple DCs, this could be a good option (as with your TIF). Because in this role, the lack of stars will bother less. And we can take advantage of their interesting figures

Main Lens FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Special Builds
Medina and Fofana are his most notable teammates (cards thanks to

So is it worth it?

It was a big disappointment that he didn’t upgrade his stars and the stat upgrade from TIF is not impressive. But if you receive non-transferable stockings soon or already have them, you could allocate some to this SBC to use as a tape repellant. Besides the fact that he also convinces us as a low cost starter if he will be a winger or an MCO behind two strikers.

His three skills and his bad leg are an obvious weakness and it can be quite annoying at times. But from the side or as a midfielder behind several forwards it won’t hurt as much. SO, for a fairly low cost, you can enjoy its complete stats.

By having Body Type Balanced, your ride will not be spectacular. But as he is only 1’74, he is strong and his dribbling will be very good with certain styles; on the field, he will have both dribbling ability and fighting resistance. AND depending on your preferences, you can make Openda POTM a luxury assistant or someone very reliable when kicking with his right hand.

Besides the fact that as a substitute he should perform very well against tired defences. You can use it to do damage by running from the sidetaking advantage of the physical power evoked and its perfect rhythm.

So even if he doesn’t improve his stars and the stats update isn’t brutal, we recommend Openda POTM as a revulsive or as a cheap but very useful starter if during the match he will play on the wing or as a CAM behind several forwards. Although we would not recommend it if it was DC in the game, because in this case the three skills and the bad leg should bother much more.

Examples of competitive or usable cards Belgium FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
His nationality mattered more in other Ultimate Team seasons.

Recommended Chemical Styles

  • Artist: Naturally, he already has very decent numbers for positioning (93), finishing (94) and shot power (89). So he could score quite a few clean chances, and that’s why we would apply that chemistry to pick up the pass and dribble at the same time. His Vision would hit 95 and Long Passing would hit 99. While Agility would hit Perfection, Reaction would get a +5 to go up to 92 and Dribbling would go +8 to go up to 95.
  • finisher: Another worthwhile alternative if you want it to be very reliable when shooting, in exchange for giving up the pass boost. He will keep his solid 87 in sight, while positioning and finishing perfectly. It will also increase its shot power to 93, agility to 99, balance to 98, and dribbling to 99 (brutal numbers despite their low cost).

CCS solution

Challenge 1: Belgium

Reward: On mix of Premium players.

  • Min. 1 player from Belgium
  • Minimum team star value: 83
FIFA 23 Ultimate Team SBC Open POTM Ligue 1 March
19,700 coins in general market and 20,600 in PC

Challenge 2: League 1

Reward: Packet Small mix of unique players.

  • Min.1 Ligue 1 Player
  • 1 player min. : Team of the Week (TOTW)
  • Minimum team star value: 84
FIFA 23 Ultimate Team SBC Open POTM Ligue 1 March
48,650 coins in general market and 50,700 in PC

We take this opportunity to remind you that the SBC Ligue 1 Openda POTM will be available until May 25th. Here are the articles on Gundogan there Ben White showdown. And if you want to know when we upload content to FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, You can subscribe to the Telegram broadcast channel. Cheers!

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