Today we have a double session of SBC players in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. we already talked Peter’s letter and now it was Adrien Rabiot FUT Birthday’s turn. It is available in two different team building challenges, both expire April 17 and one of them (the most affordable) allows him to be loaned for nine games.

Positions: MC and IM. The main SBC currently costs around 137,950 coins in the general market (142,550 on PC) and the assignment one around 40,350 coins in the general market and (43,350 on PC). He has three stars for skill and five for bad leg, medium/medium work rate, Tall and Balanced Body Type+, is 1’92 tall and left-handed.

FIFA 23 – Adrien Rabiot FUT Birthday Analysis

He is a special footballer, since You don’t find too many midfielders who are 1’92 tall. In addition, his defense of 85 is unbalanced against intelligence (78) and the work rate is medium/medium.

Birthday Rabiot FUT He has a flashy overall dribble of 89, but we think he won’t be as good in the game. Because of his size and because his agility and balance drop to 82. He shouldn’t be too clumsy. In fact, his body type is Tall and Balanced+ instead of Tall and Balanced. But neither can we expect exquisite dribbling.

And as a passer, he shouldn’t stand out because, even if his short passing (93) and long passing (89) qualities are very convincing, vision drops to 84. A somewhat sticky stat for his position at this point in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

While the shooting numbers themselves are more promising. 78 Finishing will be more efficient thanks to the punching power of 96, and the positioning of 86 is worthy of a striker. Besides the fact that he will shoot well with his left or right hand because of the five stars for bad leg.

But since his dribbling will not be exquisite, Rabiot FUR Birthday He also shouldn’t be a crack generating scoring chances. Besides the fact that he won’t go up as much as other footballers out of his own free will due to the medium/average work rate.

Due to all the attacking aspects that could be improved that we mentioned, we don’t expect Rabiot FUT Birthday to be a top midfielder with the ball. He won’t be the typical creative MC with lots of quality and resources in the opposite realm.

So what role could this SBC player play? Well, the perfectly correct midfielder with the ball (without reaching the top), which does not bother at the start of the game but which it is used above all for its return performance. Because his size will wreak havoc offensively, but it will make him even more reliable.

Although yes, Rabiot FUT Birthday worries about one aspect: combining an average/average work rate with low intelligence (78). In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, this often results in the player not being in the right place often. That many times when being CPU managed, he doesn’t appear in the area where he should be to help the team.

But removing this weakness and its 76 aggressiveness, in the rest of the important defensive aspects he is convincing. Because his 81 in acceleration is acceptable and 87 in sprint is a luxury for his position. The 87 in strength will be more visible because he is 6’2″ and the attributes of interception (89), intelligence (91) and tackling (82) are excellent. Other than the fact that his stamina is close to perfect (95).

So Rabiot FUT Anniversary It shouldn’t be that exquisite midfielder profile with the ball and very adept at generating his own scoring chances. In fact, due to the medium/medium work rate, he should appear less than other footballers near the rival goal.

But if instead of looking for someone very good offensively, you want to get a decent midfielder with the ball and safe in defence, so he could be someone interesting. Despite the shortcomings mentioned, it should behave very well when we drive it.

Juventus FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Competitive Card Examples
He has a perfect link with Pogba Flashback (cards thanks to

So is it worth it?

We recommend it or not depending on the midfield profile you are looking for. We don’t think this is the ideal option if your priority is offensive performance. Because while his overall stats and poor foot five are promising, he shouldn’t be as good on the ball due to his unbalanced dribbling, 84 vision and physical condition.

Although we would recommend it if you are looking for a decent but unspectacular midfielder on the ball, and that at the same time be safe in defense. Although yes, you should be aware of its position when it is handled by the CPU (to combine 78 in intelligence with a medium/medium work rate).

In the French teams, we would not do the SBC if you already have Thuram Future Stars. But if it’s not in your club, we think it would be interesting. And regarding the Squad Building Challenge to complete, we recommend one or the other depending on how often you change eleven and if you play FIFA 23 Ultimate Team a lot or a little.

If your pace of play isn’t very high or you think you won’t last long in the team because you tend to create new teams constantly, then you could get the loan and save some socks. While if you think you’re going to use it a lot or play a lot of matches in FUT then we’d give it a little push as the main SBC isn’t very expensive either. Apart from the fact that, being French from Juventus, he could help a lot in creating hybrids.

France FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Competitive Card Examples
Special versions of your country appear very frequently. In fact, in the past four days, four SBC players of this nationality have arrived.

Recommended Chemistry Style

  • dark : Physically he is already convincing, so we would give priority to the rhythm. I would increase his acceleration to 89 and the sprint to 95 (quite a positive number for a midfielder). He would also combine 97 interceptions, 82 intelligences, 99 interceptions and 97 tackles.

SBC solution (main)

Challenge 1: Juventus

Reward: About a small mix of TOP players.

  • Min 1 Juventus player
  • 1 player min. : Team of the Week (TOTW)
  • Minimum team star value: 83
FIFA 23 Ultimate Team SBC Rabiot FUT Anniversary
19,150 coins in general market and 21,350 in PC

Challenge 2: Series A

Reward: Electro Prime Players Pack.

  • Min. 1 Serie A player
  • Minimum team star value: 86
FIFA 23 Ultimate Team SBC Rabiot FUT Anniversary
118,800 coins in general market and 121,200 in PC

SBC solution (assignment)

  • Min. 1 player from France
  • Minimum team star value: 84
FIFA 23 Ultimate Team SBC Rabiot FUT Anniversary
40,350 coins in general market and 43,350 in PC

We remind you that the Rabiot FUT Birthday SBCs will expire on April 17. Here you have Prediction of the next team of the week there the news of a possible end of an era has leaked. Besides the link to our Telegram broadcast channel, in case you want to know when we will be posting FIFA 23 Ultimate Team related articles. Cheers!

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