In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, it is common for SBC cards to appear with very good features and low prices. This is what happens for example with the recent Bonucci Flashback. Former players are usually more expensive than active footballers, but despite this, there are icons and heroes worth having (as is the case Roy Keane Trophy Titans). However, today I want to talk about a completely opposite case: Claudio Marchisio Icono Trophy Titans.

In my opinion it’s one of the worst SBC cards released this season in terms of quality / price. Careful, I don’t mean it’s bad. In fact, he is a fairly complete midfielder who almost always delivers on both sides of the pitch.

But for the number of stockings we would have to sacrifice, for the alternatives we have already found and for those that may come in the future; yes i consider it outrageously expensive. And that’s why I advise you not to get it.

Positions: CM, CDM and IM. He has four stars in skill and bad leg, high/high work rate, “Delgado” body type, he’s 1’80 and right-handed.

What should we sacrifice to get it?

  • A model with 83 on average which includes a Juventus player.
  • Two teams with an average of 85one must include a player from Italy and the other from Serie A.
  • A model with 86 on average.
  • A model with 87 on average.
  • Two models with 88 on average (and one of them must include an IF).
  • A model with 89 on average.

FIFA 23 – Why is this Marchisio card not interesting?

I tried it on loan so I wouldn’t spend so many socks, although I was able to play a lot more games with it thanks to titans cup trophy. And even if it’s friendly the level of the rival teams was high because a lot of people used very exclusive loan players (like Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Zidane, Puskás, etc.).

The problem with Marchisio Héroe Trophy Titans is that he is very efficient in attack and rather correct in defense, but We have already found much cheaper options that also fulfill this role. Or that they work a little less well but are much more affordable.

For example, his 85 accelerations and 83 sprints are very solid but not amazing. The same goes for the numbers of short passes (91), long passes (89) and vision (89). They are tall, but we already see them very often in midfield.

His 93 shot power is great, but his completion drops to 80. And while the lean body type helps him be skilled on the ball, it’s not incredibly thin either. In the field, you notice his agility drops to 84 and the balance also drops to 80.

It makes a difference to other Ultimate Team alternatives, due to its four skill stars and bad leg. But in FIFA 23 they are not as decisive for midfielders as in other seasons. They are still very important, especially in the older generation. But in other editions, it was even easier to decide matches thanks to them.

And while his 85 steals and 86 steals are good, they’re also not special at the moment. Apart from the fact that he does not have great strength (82) and his morphology does not help us to feel even more energetic. In addition to his 82 in intelligence is vulgar.

Competitive but unspecial

For all of the above, Marchisio Hero Trophy Titans works great right now. He doesn’t look out of place in competitive teams, accompanied by a good CDM, he usually fills in from the back and also has enough quality to lead our games.

The problem is that It doesn’t stand out, it doesn’t surprise. And for the number of stockings he forces to sacrifice, it would take. He doesn’t have exquisite dribbling, he isn’t insanely fast, or he has brutal precision with deliveries. It does not reach the five watermarks to progress in the field of performing skills, nor the first level in terms of defensive security. He is remarkable in almost everything, but he is not close to perfection in anything.

Risk of losing its value soon

Besides the fact that we already have much cheaper similar alternatives, I think Marchisio Héroe Trophy Titans you run a huge risk of losing your current value quite quickly. Because? Well, because the TOTS should arrive shortly (in fact, today Premier League voting has begun). And the midfield position is where the general level could increase the most.

Maybe I’m wrong and FIFA 23 doesn’t follow the dynamics of other seasons. But in previous years, some attackers with brutal stats and five skills or bad leg were quite expensive. SO it was more difficult to make a big leap in quality in these positionsas many top footballers were quite expensive.

However, for the midfielders it was not so difficult. Because it was not essential to stand out for the stars to offer a high level. And now the same could happen. Probably not in the first few weeks, but once two or three teams from major league seasons have appeared.

I think the logical thing is that Marchisio Hero trophy titans figures soon stop being good and become vulgar. His solid pace is a bit off, his 84 agility is off, and his defensive stats are poor.

As the pace of content during TOTS is usually very high, I clearly wouldn’t spend so many socks on this SBC. You may regret it over time and prevent you from accessing other much more interesting and special footballers for FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

I leave you here Prediction of the next team of the week. If you want to be up to date with FIFA 23 Ultimate Team news, you can join telegram broadcast channel. Cheers!

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