FIFA 23: Gattuso FUT’s Birthday Icon Now Available With Incredible Defensive Stats

FIFA 23: Gattuso FUT’s Birthday Icon Now Available With Incredible Defensive Stats

Apart from that we have a new batch of MOTM cards and a FIFA 23 Ultimate Team OTW will improve thanks to thisToday Gennaro Gattuso Icon FUT Birthday’s two SBCs also appeared (the main one and another to test him on loan for five matches). we can do them Until June 30the player now reaches five watermark stars and stands out above all for his defensive attributes.

FIFA 23 – Gattuso Anniversary FUT Icon

Positions: CDM and CM. He has five stars for skill and three for bad leg, medium/high work rate, “Small but strong” body type, he is 1’77 and right-handed.

I think it’s not an interesting midfield for everyone, It would depend on your priorities.. But if you’re primarily looking for someone reliable at the back and your style of play isn’t very risky, he could be quite useful as a destructive midfielder.

If your opponents often surprise you on counterattacks or if you advance your lanes a lot, maybe their 80 pace is insufficient. But if you tend to protect behind, that should be enough to make his qualities shine. As, for example, is the case with Xabi Alonso Icon of TOTY.

With the ball you don’t have to wait too long. Gattuso Icon FUT Birthday hits a watermark five, but they won’t be as useful as other footballers due to their lack of speed and dribbling stats (his agility drops to 74). In addition to the fact that he also does not have good shooting numbers and the passing numbers are very correct but not at the top level (82 vision, 88 short passing and 83 long passing).

However, when defending in static he should be one of the most reliable midfielders in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Currently. Because he won’t stand out for his pace but he is correct, his strength of 87 will be visible thanks to the Body Type (the one that players like Acuña have) and especially thanks to his defensive numbers.

For a midfielder to combine 96 steals, 94 smarts, 95 steals and 93 tackles is brutal.. So in the one-on-one against the enemy attackers, it has to be someone very good. And for this reason, if your priority is security in your own domain, I think this could be a very interesting SBC at a reasonable cost (below you have the requirements).

Key SBC Requirements

Challenge 1: Legend born

Reward: Rare Gold Pack for two players.

  • Exactly 11 players: Single
  • Player Quality: Exactly Bronze

Challenge 2: New Promise

Reward: In regards to Two Player Gold Single.

  • Exactly 11 players: Single
  • Player Quality: Exactly Silver

Challenge 3: Ringhio

Reward: About the composition of the players.

  • Min 1 AC Milan Player
  • 1 player minimum: Team of the Week (TOTW) or FUT Champions
  • Minimum team star value: 82

Challenge 4: Blue Team

Reward: About Mixing Unique Players.

  • Min. 1 player from Italy
  • Minimum team star value: 86

Challenge 5: League Legend

Reward: Unique Electro Player Pack.

  • Min. 1 Serie A player
  • Minimum team star value: 88

Here you have the POTM article of Santander League, premier league, a league there Eredivisie. And if you want to know when we release content on FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, You can subscribe to the Telegram broadcast channel. Good luck!

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