FIFA 23: FUT Birthday Swaps Reward List (With Exclusive Card Included)

FIFA 23: FUT Birthday Swaps Reward List (With Exclusive Card Included)

Although the trading batch started on Monday of last week (in fact, quite a few tokens with the free content arrived on Friday), till today we have not found out what the FIFA 23 FUT Birthday Swaps rewards are. Now we know what prices we could trade with the tokensbecause the SBCs to spend these exchange tokens are already available in Ultimate Team.

Remember that these team building challenges They will expire on April 14 at seven in the afternoon, Spanish time. And as usually happens in this type of lot, everything we can exchange will be non-transferable (including the cards, despite the fact that two of them can be purchased on the transfer market as transferable).

FIFA 23 FUT Anniversary Redemption Rewards

  • Number of tokens that will appear in FIFA 23: 30 (other than store should be extra).
  • all rewards they are not transferable.
  • 1 token: Pack of eleven unique gold players +81.
  • 2 tokens: Hernán Crespo Icon of the World Cup.
  • 3 tokens: FUT First Team Birthday Card Pack.
  • 5 tokens: Pack of twenty unique gold players +82.
  • 10 tokens: Pack of ten unique +85 gold players.
  • 15 tokens: Player’s choice (which will display five options) from First Team, Fantasy FUT, Fantasy FUT Heroes, and/or RTTF +87 Birthday Cards.
  • 17 tokens: Rio Ferdinand Icono Premier.
  • 20 tokens: Two packs of twenty unique +84 gold players.
  • 20 tokens: Alan Shearer FUT Birthday Icon (card that did not appear as a transfer, it looks like it will be exclusive to this FIFA 23 trade series).
  • 27 tokens: Player’s choice (which will display four options) of Icon Prime +90.

available letters

Hernán Crespo World Cup Icon (2 tokens)

Positions: DC and SD. He has four stars for skill and five for bad leg, medium/low work rate, balanced body type, is 1’84 tall and right-handed.

Rio Ferdinand Icon Prime (17 Tokens)

In-Game Stats Ferdinand Icono Prime FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
Position: DFC only. He has a medium/medium work rate, his own build, is 1’89 tall and right-handed.

FUT Alan Shearer Anniversary Icon (20 Tokens) (This card cannot be purchased in the market)

In-Game Stats Shearer Icono FUT Anniversary FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
Positions: DC and SD. He has five stars for skill and four for bad leg, high/medium work rate, balanced body type, is 1’82 tall and right-handed.

we leave you here Pédri’s articles e Iwobi FUT Birthday. If you want to be informed about FIFA 23 Ultimate Team news, you can join telegram broadcast channel. Good luck!

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