Hit a Free NFT Character to Tear Spaces – Game News

Hit a Free NFT Character to Tear Spaces – Game News

Tearing Spaces, an upcoming anime-style team-based MOBA game, Web3 compatible, is offering its fans a free mint for character NFTs. And even if the mint is only a few days away, you still have time to try and whitelist a spot!

The typing days seem to be back. And the news of a free mint always tends to attract attention. Well, let your attention turn to Tearing Spaces, a new 3v3 MOBA game, which has a free mint for your Genesis Celestial PFP NFTs!

muestra de Tering Spaces PFP NFT

As part of Magic Eden’s Mint Madness promotion, this event is giving away a single mint NFT to anyone with a “Promoted Worthy” role on their Discord server. They will also distribute additional spots on the whitelist before the mint. With only 2,500 copies available, the Genesis Celestial Collection will be the first NFT for Tearing Spaces. All mints for this sale are free!

It seems like the Web3 gaming space is teeming with project collaborations these days. If you can’t get a spot on the official Tearing Spaces whitelist Blood or Discord, search for giveaways with other gaming projects you follow!

Creating an avatar for Tearing Spaces provides early access to the game, future airdrops, better token payouts, a direct channel for in-game feedback, and free access to in-game tournaments and special events.

Tearing Spaces Game Screenshot

What is Tearing Spaces?

Tearing Spaces is a three-on-three MOBA game. With a top-down view and action-packed gameplay, Tearing Spaces is a game that combines PvE and PvP. Each team must fight through rooms of enemies to open the door to the final boss. The first team to defeat their enemy boss wins. Players can also choose to use special teleporters on the map to teleport to the other team’s area and try to slow them down!

Characters equip weapons and talents before a match, allowing players to customize their playstyle. Players can acquire talent shards while playing the game and then use them to boost their talent abilities.

Tearing Spaces will be free to play and earn opportunities. Each hero comes with their own selection of skills and abilities. The game will provide six free weapons to equip. However, free weapons do not grant TSC tokens. Players can earn game tokens by equipping NFT weapons, killing enemies, and winning tournaments. Players can also increase token earnings by upgrading their in-game characters.

The game will also feature daily quests, a battle pass system, leaderboards, and all that good stuff.

To learn more about Tearing Spaces, you can visit their website, follow them on Bloodand join their Discord server. A demo is available on both PC and Mac versions. You can also sign up for the next beta test here.

a character available to play in Tearing Spacesa character available to play in Tearing Spaces

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