Besides the fact that FUT Ballers cards keep coming from the “Playing in style” objective group and we hope that many FIFA 23 Fantasy FUT improve their stats soonToday, FUT Anniversary Trades began in Ultimate Team. We can already get the first tokens, later they will allow us to redeem rewards and now we will comment what is the official information we already know.

FUT Birthday Swaps begin on FIFA 23

How long will this round of trading last?

It started this Monday, March 20 and It will end on Friday, April 7.. That is, it will last a little over two weeks.

What will your rewards be?

It’s strange, but We still don’t know exactly what all the FUT Birthday Swaps rewards are in FIFA 23. Although EA Sports has clarified that among them we will find a guaranteed First Team FUT Anniversary Pack for three tokens and a ten-player +85 pack for ten tokens. Also, prizes can be redeemed from Monday, March 27 (on this day we’ll all see).

How many tokens will appear?

One more time, The message from EA Sports causes me some confusion. As they say “In total there will be 30 tokens number of FUT Anniversary Trades available in-game.” However, some will appear in the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Store. And in previous bundles, Store Tokens were additional.

In other words, if they maintain the momentum of previous rounds, we could get thirty tokens without having to buy certain packs from the store. In fact, they talk about “bonus chips in the FUT store”. Therefore, the logic is that about thirty arrive by other routes and that those of the Store are extra. But I think it’s not 100% clear (although it’s most likely).

How can we get these tokens?

We received FUT Anniversary Redemption Token just to get access to FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. We also know that some tokens will appear in the store, while others will appear in Goals (such as Part of First Acquisition or Silver Stars), in SBCs (such as awnings) and even in the FUT Moments Gallery.

What tokens can we already get?

  • Login token: Just by entering FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, we have already received the first exchange token.
  • “FGS Challenge 10” SBC Token: This Squad Building Challenge includes one token and will be available for one week, until March 27.
  • Shop Pack Token: The “New Year’s Review Fundamentals Pack” includes a trading token and five unique non-trading gold players (guaranteeing that one of them will be Winter Wildcards, Centurions, TOTY Honorable Mention or Future Stars). It will expire on Friday, March 24 and costs 90,000 coins or 500 FIFA Points.
FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Menu New Year's Review Fundamentals Pack
From the words of the statement, I assume that we will be able to get thirty FUT Birthday Swaps tokens without purchasing these packs from the store.

we leave you here Prediction of the next team of the week there Fantasy FUT hero tracker. In addition to our Telegram broadcast channel, in which we inform about news related to FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Good luck!

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